It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year …Whatever.

its the most wonderful time of the year whatever

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year, (sing with me!) with the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you “be of good cheeeeeer”… and that’s when you have a breakdown and tell the person who says “be of good cheer” to shut up and you’ll have your cheer from the top shelf in a big red […]

I Was Catfished Last Week

i was catfished last week

There are shows about it. It happens to celebrities, politicians (probably), and Manti Te’os. You think you’re chatting with a particular person online, only to find out it’s some creepy, oily-haired, open wound-infested, chain-smoking, Diet Fresca-drinking, housecoat-wearing, beer-bellied 60-year-old sitting in his living room typing away about how hot you are. Catfishing: the person you’re chatting with online […]

When the Going Gets Tough…Go Back to Bed -My Motto

when the going gets touch

So, I had a breakdown the other day. The combination of my son’s surgery last week, the holidays, homeschooling, marketing the book, keeping up with my blog and social media and being out of cake, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I lost it and started crying when making ham sandwiches for the kids. I ran […]

Reasons my son is looking forward to surgery tomorrow

Many people wouldn’t be filled with excitement over the thought of having surgery. Not so with my almost nine-year-old son, Josiah. He’s having bone graft surgery early tomorrow morning (Monday), like 7:30am. That means I have to leave the house at 5:15am. I don’t usually wake up until 7:30am. Aside from setting 26 alarm clocks, […]

Throwing Away a Pen with No Ink Is Surprisingly More Satisfying Than a Snickers Bar

More satisfying than a Snickers bar

Another busy week thanks to my REALLY BIG PROJECT. You’re probably sick of hearing about this REALLY BIG PROJECT. It’s okay, I’m sick of hearing about it and I’m the one who won’t shut up about it. Good news is I won’t be yapping about it anymore after this post. I’ll let the cat out of the bag and […]

I Really Thought They Were MY French Fries

Tracy - MY french fries

It’s Embarrassing Stories Monday, where I share YOUR embarrassing stories. Today’s embarrassing story is by Tracy from Orange and Silver Blog. Tracy’s shared another embarrassing story on my blog before. You can read about the time she got her skirt stuck in her pantyhose HERE. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.   For a couple of years I […]