I Injured My Neck this Week…Watching Netflix

174 - neck injuring from Netflix

We started watching that show Sherlock. Have you guys watched this? I love it. So clever. Something I like to do while watching anything on Netflix is to google the show and everyone in the show. I always like to see how old people are – hoping they’re older than me – and who they’re married […]

Valentine’s Day and Planet of the Apes?

Planet of the apes

I went to a tea party on Valentine’s Day. I know. I’m not really tea party material, I don’t even like tea. But my friend, Amy, throws this party every year and it’s a lot of fun and I get to hang out with friends I don’t see very often. As we were leaving the party, […]

That Time My Husband Took Half-Naked Pictures of Me to Work

half-naked photos to work

I don’t understand why people would take pictures of themselves naked and text them, send them, put them in the cloud, whatever. Even without everything you’ve heard about in the media that’s happened to celebrities, my first thought would be – taking this picture means there’s a chance it’s going to get in the wrong […]