Day 5 – He’s officially a Hall!

Kate and Sheehan enjoying breakfast

Today we made it official by signing these papers officially making Sheehan a Hall. The paperwork that the Chinese government nneds to recognize our adoption is complete. Now we wait five days for Sheehan’s passport to be finalized. We get that on Friday and then Saturday we take off for Guangzhou.

The Provincial Government building where we finaliized the adoption.

So far today, in addition to doing paper work at various offices we have been getting to know Sheehan and he is getting to know us. While dad was asleep, Mom played with Sheehan for about an hour. After a round of peek-a-boo he came running into her arms for a hug. Priceless! He seems to be doing very well, although he seems to have a bit of a cold. Tylenol to the rescue. He really enjoys the flavor, so it’s easy to give him.

He fell asleep in mom’s arms, but when she tried to put him down in the crib, he woke up and pitched a fit. He refuses to take a nap. Ahhh…strong-willed child. He is now on the floor with dad, stacking lego blocks. He has called after dad, saying “Baba” (dad in Chinese). We’re thinking that we will need to teach him some sign language because he struggles to speak with his repaired palate.
More apple sauce :-)

Later today we found a way to tire the little guy out. Sheehan loves when Mom and Dad sit at opposite ends of the room and he runs back and forth to each of us with a big smile and a big hug. Mom and Dad love this too! Mom broke out in tears at the huge smile he gave every time he came running into her arms.

Well, we miss everyone and look forward to our return when we can sleep on our own soft, cushion-ee mattress :0

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Day 5 – He’s officially a Hall! — 2 Comments

  1. GrampsHall…What wonderful pix and heartwarming tales of bonding! God is SOOOOOO good! Love shot of my son holding/loving his son…fond memories…except my shirt was always full of Steve’s drool. So happy for us all! Give Sheehan a big Grandpa hug!

    P.S. I took the liberty of replacing your “soft cushion-ee” mattress with a 2 inch thick sofa-bed model…thought it would help ease Sheehan’s transition!

  2. He is just adorable!! I know he and his cousin Fleurette will have a ball playing together!!!
    Please write in your blog…Do you call him Sheehan? and he is responding to his new name well?

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