He Slept With What?

I decided to fill my son’s “love tank” this morning by crawling into bed with him, but found I couldn’t fit because of all the stuff he slept with.  Here’s a list of what was in his bed: five blankets and a comforter; two pillows, 20+ stuffed animals (I lost count) of varying size, some as small as softballs, and at least one as large as a microwave oven, a football tee, a remote control black widow spider, an inflated beach ball, a pointy tie-dye party hat, an inflated balloon (from the same party as the party hat…from March), a glider airplane, a rubber snake, sound proof ear muffs, a two-foot long plastic shark, pajamas (he slept in his underwear), a hockey stick, and an American flag.

He sleeps in a twin-size bed.  Could I get in trouble with children’s services for this?

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He Slept With What? — 6 Comments

  1. this is hilarious. My son asks for his blanket..and another blanket…and another blanket…and doggie…and elmo…and other elmo. I get him all tucked in, walk out of the room. Two seconds later he’s crying, throwing everything out, and saying NO BLANKET! NO DOGGIE! NO ELMO!!!! He’s done this since he could stand up in the crib. I still don’t get it.

    (ps stopping by from MOB. You can check out my blog here: http://beautifulinhistimeblog.wordpress.com/)

  2. ROFL! What a list, mama! Surprised the boy fit in the bed with all of that. ;) Sometimes I wonder what’s up with my boys and their bed habits – mine really hate sheets. *sigh* Stopping by from the MOB Society!

  3. It looks like he’s trying to recreate his in utero experience…. except you probably didn’t have a remote control spider in there.

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