Farmer’s Market Surprise

We’ve been going to the farmer’s market a lot this summer. Well twice, but that’s about equal to the number of times I’ve been in my whole life. The other day we bought some honey, green beans, blueberries, peaches, eggs, two tomatoes, a bell pepper, and some corn. I think we spent something like $482.26. But it’s fresh!
As I was picking out my ears of corn (the biggest = best, right?), there was a woman standing next to me inspecting each ear of her corn like she was scanning for lice in a first grader’s head. She was peeling the entire husk off. Really? Is that necessary. Do you have to take off the entire husk to make sure your corn is fresh? 
She looked like a tree-hugger, so I figured she must know what she was doing. So I did the same thing, because even though I’m an ignorant corn purchaser who just assumes the farmer is selling good quality corn, when really it might be crap, I didn’t want to look like one. So I peeled back two ears a little, then turned my back, so she couldn’t see, and stuffed two more, completely unpeeled, in my bag and went to pay.
I’ve never really had a clue what a fresh ear of corn looks like. What is everyone looking for? I mean, pretty much every ear has a few bad kernels, right? Corn is corn. Plump and yellow.
Well, I found out what people are looking for. I saw it, screamed, threw the corn down on the floor and jumped back, almost knocking the refrigerator over. Any of you that are regulars at the farmers’ market or eating organic will probably not be surprised at what I found?
Say hello to my new pet, Herb.  He’s cute isn’t he?
I get a gag reflex just looking at his picture! Steve tried to comfort me by telling me about how he brought bagels home once from the bulk section of the grocery store and the next morning there was an earwig running around inside. That did not comfort me.
From now on I will be like the tree-hugger, peeling back every single leaf of that corn until it’s completely peeled.
What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever found in your food?



  1. says

    I’ve found caterpillars in corn before. I used to think people husked the corn in the stores because they didn’t want to pay for the weight of it…then I learned that you pay “per ear”, not “per pound”…then for awhile, I just thought people didn’t want the strings in their house (I don’t!). It wasn’t until I did see one that I realized why people husked corn in the store 😉 Duh

    • says

      I got a food saver a few months ago and really like it. I’m looking forward to using it more this summer and fall. I’ve canned jam, pickles, and applesauce – thanks to Geri. Without her I would have never done it.

  2. says

    Tiny bugs inside my wrapped Dove chocolates. I found them AFTER i had almost eaten half of it. It was years before I could eat Dove chocolate again!!!

  3. says

    All you have to do is squeeze the tip of the ear (that sounded vaguely dirty, let me continue). If it feels thin or squishy, pass. It should feel plump. Going to sign off now to complete my giggling and perfect my corn metaphors. Ellen

  4. Natalie the Singingfool says

    Aw, Herb. Such a cuddly guy. Yep, that would traumatize me. Grossest thing I’ve ever found? A similar dude in my spring mix. He blended right in, and almost became lunch.

  5. Jan Moyer says

    Ok, this was just a gross dining experience. A few years back, the “then” toddler held his hands up as he sat in his highchair. I thought, “Oh, poor guy got pesto on his hands.” Wipe, wipe, wipe. A minute passed and it happened again. Then realized I hadn’t served him pesto. IT WASN’T PESTO. I burned the washcloth.

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