My Friend’s in China Waiting for Her Daughter

My friend, Lisa, and her husband, John, and son, Gus, are in China right now waiting to adopt their little girl Milli.  They meet her tomorrow (tonight our time).  Lisa and I have been on this journey together for the past year.  Almost every Sunday morning we stand together in the atrium after church talking adoption, while our kids run around, chasing each other, dropping donuts all over the floor and our husbands try to control them and hold back their can-we-go-now sighs.  I can’t even express how excited I am for them!  Okay, I can.  I told Lisa that I’m like a new untrained puppy and I may just piddle in my pants because I’m so excited.  You can visit her blog at:  Please pray for them and for Milli.

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My Friend’s in China Waiting for Her Daughter — 2 Comments

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