Would You Rather…?

Do you ever play the game Would You Rather…?  Not the board game, just the good ol’ creative noggin kind.   Our family played a few nights ago while roasting marshmallows outside. Here’s what we came up with.  Play along!

Would you rather…

…get your finger slammed in a door or have a staple shot in your thumb with a staple gun?
Ouch and gross. This game is so ridiculous.  I hate both options.  But since I’m required to answer based on the Hall Family Rules of Would You Rather…?  I’ll go with the finger slam.  Both of these happened to Steve and he said based on his experience he would choose the finger slam too.

…get a 1.5″ long buckthorn jammed in and cut off in your calf or have your bathing suit ripped off by a giant wave on a Hawaiian beach?
The first happened to Steve a month ago and the second to me about 12 years ago.  I’d go with exposing my nakedness to beachcombers.  Most likely, nobody will know me.  Then I would just lay down in the sand on my face and adjust my suit (like I did the last time) and then another giant wave would pummel me and drag me along the shore and repeat the pummel and drag about 12 times until the bathing suit is back on.  I go home only with a stomach full of sand instead of a leg full of buckthorn, fearing infection and amputation.

…submerge your hands in a bucket of urine or a bucket of poop?
This one is just too easy.  Hello?  I’d totally take a dip in poop because urine is just plain disgusting.

…get lost or be paid one million dollars?
Um…this one was my six-year old’s. He doesn’t completely understand the game yet.

…have to lead a prayer in a new bible study where every person except you is a pastor or model underwear?
There’s no way I’m modeling underwear, for my sake and everyone else’s.  So the pastors will have to listen to me muddle through my “justs” and “uh’s”...God, I just want to thank you, and uh…uh…just for gathering us here today, and uh…

…have head lice or Scabies?
Another easy one. I’ve had both. Hands-down, Scabies. Scabies took one application to get rid of. Head lice took like 52 applications, ripping through my hair with an Ace comb, and then finally getting all my hair chopped off in a “pixie-cut” and being teased about looking like a stupid boy. I’ll take Scabies and it’s stigma any day.

Who’s that boy?  Oh, that’s me post-head lice.

…get a toothpick jammed in your eye or be sprayed by a skunk?
Gotta go with the skunk. The baking soda/peroxide scrub might actually feel nice.

…eat a bucket of wasabi or be attacked by a Cheetah?
Depends on how big the Cheetah is. If it’s a kitten, Attack!  But, if it’s a giant face-mauling, fish-hook clawing Cheetah, gimme a spoon and some Pepto-Bismol.

…bungie jump off a bridge or parachute out of plane?
I can’t even think about things like this.  I know neither is not an option, so I’ll go with parachute.  Because when you see videos of parachuters they look like they’re not falling, like they’re just hanging in the air.  I’m convincing myself this is true in order to give an answer.

…have an earwig in your ear or a worm up your butt?
Okay, who’s the wacko that came up with this one? That would be my husband, Steve. I’d have to go with the worm. All I can think about is an earwig chowing down on my brain like a 600-pound man at Old Country Buffet.  But gosh, the worm is gross too.  This game sucks.

What are your answers?  Are there any you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.  Got any of your own? I’d love to hear them!


  1. says

    I’ve not scabies, but I would go with that answer, too. A house full of people with lice was NOT FUN! (And it does take forever to get rid of the little buggars!)

    So, would you rather listen to finger nails down a chalk board all day or Styrofoam rubbing together?

  2. Khallsweet says

    Oh gosh. I’d have to take the styrofoam. It’s a little more bearable for me. But even worse than both of those would be someone rubbing their fingers across rubber or rubber on rubber – like the soles of tennis shoes. Also can’t stand the noise a kid’s raincoat makes when rubbed. Aaaakkkk!

  3. Charles says

    Ok, I’ll play!
    -Staple gun. Finger slam pain lasts days, sometimes weeks. Whats one little staple?
    – Definitely urine bucket. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting stuck under my fingernails.
    -I’ll take the buckthorn thank you very much. As a matter of fact, I would take a 3 inch piece over having my suit ripped off.
    – Finally, I’ve been sprayed by a skunk several times. It’s not that bad. Peroxide, dawn dish soap and baking soda work wonders.

  4. Khallsweet says

    Ahahahaha! The buckthorn cracked me up! Steve’s leg swelled up and there’s no evidence that the thorn ever came out, but it seems to be fine.

  5. says

    Hmm interesting post and game! Some questions pretty gruesome, lol! Ok I’ll play.

    I’m thinking slam in door
    Giant wave me thinks
    I think I’d go with urine
    Hmm the next one, I think I’ll go for the million dollars!
    Yeah I think I’d muddle through the prayer group
    Scabies I think
    Skunk, eyes are precious things.
    I’m with you on that one, depends on the size of the cheetah.
    Out of the two I’d say parachute.
    The last one doesn’t bear thinking about! YUck! Both freak me out!

    HA ha! that was quite funny to do. I may have to try this with my friends family, could be funny.

  6. Khallsweet says

    It’s a lot of fun when you’re done eating dinner and lingering around the table. Our kids love it…and we do too. :-)

  7. Debbie-www.wrinkledmommy.com says

    OK thank you. I was going to quickly pop in, read, and leave a comment but you had me all wrapped up in this one and I even told my kids to leave me alone for a few minutes! Thanks for the chuckle this afternoon. I have never played this with my family but can see it would be a hoot. And you were being sarcastic about the urine versus poop. Right? lol

  8. says

    LOL! I WAS being sarcastic about the urine because I know everyone hates poop more than pee, but I was also serious. I CANNOT stand urine. And with two boys sharing a bathroom in our house…I stay away from that place as much as possible.

  9. Kenya G. Johnson says

    LOL aside from poop, urine, praying and modeling underwear – all of the hurting ones made me cringe in an “if I see blood ima pass out” kinda way. Funny post!!

  10. kenyagjohnson says

    Oh I saw this one. It was funny again. What I’ve known you since July? Time flies when you’re in blog land I suppose.

  11. davromega says

    Would you rather get 10 mosquito bites in Africa (malaria), or 1000 bee stings? Would you rather break an arm or a leg? Would you rather you die first or your spouse? Would you rather lose your car for a month or your internet for a month?

  12. says

    Crap, those are hard. I’d have to go Mosquitos, but make sure I take malaria medicine first. Arm (left). Spouse – taking care of our 3 kids alone is hard. I’ve gotten used to it while he’s at work. Internet. It would be hard, but it would be good for me. I need a car to get my daughter to preschool.

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