My Husband’s “Make-out Tape”

I was at a loss of what to write for today’s Monday Listicles, 10 Songs.

Until last night.

When I remembered Steve telling me that when he was in high school he had a “make-out tape”. It was a dubbed mix-tape with his favorite love songs. The title was “When You’re in the Mood”. (I just puked a little)

He would play it in his car on dates or whenever the “the mood” struck him. I asked him if he remembered the songs on the tape and he said, “I can list them in order.” *eye roll #1*

 Here’s the list, in order


1. “Open Arms” by Journey
As he started talking about the list, it was almost like he was educating me on creating the perfect “make-out tape.” I quote: “You gotta have a strong start, but you don’t want to lead off with your best stuff.” *eye roll #2*

2. “Amanda” by Boston
Wasn’t it funny how sometimes you’d date a guy, but “your song” was a song about some other girl. Or you’d be at a school dance, slow-dancing to “Sara” by Starship. That was so 1987. There were a lot of girl-title love songs in the 80s: “Joanna” (Kool & the Gang), “Rosanna” (Toto), “Oh Sherrie” (Steve Perry), “Valerie” (Steve Winwood), “Roxanne” (The Police), “Lola” (The Kinks)…okay, that one was from 1970…and it wasn’t exactly about a girl.

Back to Stud-muffin’s list…

3. “Love Walks In” by Van Halen

4. “Hysteria” by Def Leppard
This list reminds me of a time when Steve and I had our own make-out session. It was a warm summer evening and we were laying on the grass (dumb). About 10 minutes in, he started itching. He went and stood under a light and saw that he was covered in a rash, apparently from the grass. It took a couple days before it went away. Needless to say, that ended the make-out session. We haven’t rolled in the grass since.

5. “Faithfully” by Journey
I once got a tape of love songs from a boyfriend. But it was after I broke up with him, so it wasn’t really a “make-out tape,” it was more like a “I-hope-you’re-listening-to-this-and-feeling-guilty-and-your-life-sucks-and-you-see-all-the-misery-you’re-causing-me:-the-person-who-could-have-been-Mr. Right tape.” I loved that tape.

6. “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin
“What? A female vocalist?” I said.
Top Gun, Baby.” He said.
*eye roll #3*

7. “Alone” by Heart
Hey, another female vocalist.

8. “Why Can’t This Be Love” by Van Halen
I asked him if the song he requested for our wedding dance, “I’ll Stand By You”, by The Pretenders, was on the tape. He said, “No, of course not.” Yeah, maybe because it didn’t come out until 1994!  Smart choice, Sweetie.

9. “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner
Dude. I am so throwing up right now.

10. “Is This Love” by White Snake
Stop, I’m going to get a bucket.

Now, who wouldn’t want to make-out with this guy? Only if you leave the hat on, Honey.


  1. dawns_disaster says

    Ugh, no wonder you guys are kicking my @** at SongPop! All the songs you guys pick are on your make out tapes!!!!!!

  2. says

    I’m dying! That is hysterical and SO typical of the “mood” songs I remember. I use to love making mix tapes….those were the days….fabulous list today!

  3. Organic Mama says

    That is hilarious. I remember abhoring “I’ve Been Waiting for a Girl Like You,” and Journey was never my favorite either. Those songs sure take me back to my teen years!

  4. says

    I absolutely LOVE this! It is such an awesome reminder of how much of an impact mix tapes had on our lives…they were such a huge part of growing up. What are you supposed to do now…make a playlist and email it to someone? So not the same thing.

  5. jamie@southmainmuse says

    You need to market this. Of course that would be impossible with getting the rights to use these songs. Lots of memories. And some when I wasn’t even with a boy. ha.

  6. jamie@southmainmuse says

    You need to market this. Of course that would be impossible with getting the rights to use these songs. Lots of memories. And some when I wasn’t even with a boy. ha.

  7. Stacie @ Snaps and Bits says

    This is a totally awesome list and I’m still laughing that your husband had a make out tape – all songs from my youth! So funny.

  8. Piper says

    Bahhaaa haa!! My goodness this just cracked me up!!! Love love your eye rolls and I am so throwing up right now!!!
    I actually laughed out loud. I may have to pin this and call the board…when I need to laugh!

  9. Dani Hall says

    I so LOVE this, I have found a few tapes from past boyfriends as well. I am now going to go searching in every box to see if I can find one from Rodney. You know it will be all R&B and Rap. I remember he gave me a tape with Fairy Tale Lover on it. To the basement I go, I will keep you posted.

  10. says

    I never heard it, but I like a lot of those songs. He’s hunting around for the tape now. Thinks he lent it to one of his HS friends back in the day. That just brings on eye roll #4.

  11. says

    Thanks Ducky! I loved making them too. So miss them! Now, it’s just lame playlists. I have some old tapes that have the DJ talking at the beginning or end of the song where I didn’t cut it off in time. Too funny! It’s like static on a record. Just makes the memories and music so much more real.

  12. Jessica B says

    LOL, this list is awesome! Love it! I have to admit it brought back a few memories, possibly some involving making out even. Everytime I see a mixed ape it makes me think of my cutie high school love… I still have all of the tapes he made me. Aw. Now I feel like I need to go find them and listen to them! Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Anna says

    Oh my gosh – HILARIOUS!!! You were one of the most-clicked links at last week’s
    #findingthefunny. We’re featuring you on Wednesday, and I pinned this
    to our Finding the Funny Pinterest board. Thanks for linking up!

  14. says

    Your husband is an artist. Does he still make mix-tapes? So much easier now with iTunes & CD burners. I have to say, I’ve never been a huge fan of using the songs with women’s names as the title to romance a lady, but the songs are still good ones. I also try not to use more than one song by any given artist in any given mix. He gets bonus points for the Top Gun reference. That’s always a winner. From one artist to another, tell him I approve!

  15. Meredith says

    These are the good ones! Perfect throw-back list to the glory days. And the hat…THE HAT! I can totally see why you snagged him up :)

  16. says

    I have to say the BEST the absolute best is the ending with the prom picture of your husband. You certainly have a good one if he allowed you to post this picture (unless he doesn’t know about it yet).
    Sadly no one will be making love-song mix tapes for our children although by the looks of your husband’s list maybe that’s a good thing.

  17. OldDogNewTits says

    Oh, I so wish I had any of Dave’s old mix tapes. Or mine. Either way, they would be hilariously sucky. Great tape, but there’s an awful lot of Journey on it. :)

    Stopped by from Finding the Funny

  18. Kenya Johnson says

    Hilarious!!! Amazing you guys still have that. I think we have a box of tapes somewhere. They are probably melted in the attic.

  19. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom says

    Oh, the memories of the mix tape. I remember trying to create the perfect mixture of songs with my tape recorder. Then later, I got a double tape deck. That was cool. :)

  20. davromega says

    I think the problem with playlists is that they can be too long! With a cassette you had to pick just the very best to fit in 60 or 90 minutes which made the tape really awesome with all the great music made in the 80s! Too often I will be listening to a playlist and say why did i put that in there!

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