Nakedness?, Licking, and a Gerbil (Caption This! Round 1)

I’m feeling really proud of myself for coming up with this brand spankin’ new idea for my blog.  I’m calling it “Caption This!”  I’ll post an odd, funny or warped photo from my personal collection every Wednesday and ask you to write a caption for the photo in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitt…What?…Somebody already came up with this idea?…What are you talking about?…

*searching Google*

Crap!  I swear I came up with this idea totally on my own.  I did not steal it from here.  Perhaps they telekinetically, from the past, predicted that I would come up with this idea and stole it from me.  Look, they even used the same name.  How unoriginal.  Jerks.

Anyway, they won’t have access to my personal photo collection to caption…unless they steal them too….which they’re probably futuristically, telekinetically planning at this moment.

Anyway, I will post/update/tweet the best caption and submitter (voted on by me and Steve).  Maybe I’ll get cool like a lot of other blogs and give away a prize someday.  Unfortunately, my blog’s not that cool yet and you’ll just have to settle for bragging rights and seeing your name in my blog lights.

The Rules:
1.  Be Funny, Creative, and somewhat Kind (this is my family)
2.  Participate! (it’s only any good if you join in the fun)
3.  More than one entry is allowed…and even encouraged.
4.  Make sure it’s clear who you are, so I can give you credit.

Caption This!

If you’re not able to leave a comment (I don’t know what is wrong with Disqus comments) and would prefer to email me, go ahead and I’ll post your caption in the comments for you.


  1. Fitz says

    Not a caption, but a comment . . . This picture really needs to be submitted to Awkward Family Photos. I’ll try to come up with a witty caption later.

  2. says

    I know. Isn’t it like THE most awkward family photo? Steve said he never thought anything of it until I started laughing at it. Now he sees how weird it is and wanted me to post it. I told his dad I posted it and he said his lawyer will be in contact with me. Ha ha!

  3. Christian at PCPPP says

    I thought about it but I can’t top Andrea’s “Can I blow out that candle?” so I’m not even going to try. That is a great picture by the way.

  4. says

    from Tracy via email:

    I’m a grandma who always color coordinates with the theme of the day.
    Steve’s shorts match too (you just can’t see them!)

    Licking the icing is much more socially acceptable, unless there’s Tequila in that cup! National Geographic to go along with the naked theme. They have therapy for that!

  5. Bryan Jones says

    How about: “I think I’ll have the meat and two veg before the pudding.”


    “Who needs a cake-stand when my boys are in town.”

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