With Arms Wide Open

I had a dream the other day.  A day dream.

Image:  Freedigitalphotos.net

I was a child cradled in the safety of a Man’s arms.  He gazed lovingly into my eyes, like a mother does her beautiful baby, but even more deeply.  But, like a baby, my eyes wandered to take in things around me.  Things that seemed, from a distance, more appealing than being in His arms.
So I climbed out.  And I experienced some of those things.
But I quickly found that those things were not as good or fun or safe and were futile to entertain, satisfy or fulfill me.  I realized my mistake and came running back into His arms.  Arms spread wide open, waiting to envelop me and carry me again.  
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With Arms Wide Open — 6 Comments

  1. I love this, Katherine. I did a Beth Moore study a long while ago where she talked about being able to crawl up into God’s lap. For so long growing up, I thought of God as “the enforcer”; someone only to be feared. But, getting older & especially since having kids of my own, His “FATHER-ness” is so much more real. I truly understand the unconditional love that he has for us and how He will always want the best for us. That He HAS to let us “do our thing” and wise up and come back. Lovely post.

  2. Sadly, I thought of God as the enforcer until about three years ago. I had to get to the end of myself and my own “doings” before I could be turned around and reconstructed. I see God completely differently than I did just three years ago. I pray I never go back to that full time. I slip a lot, but then I remind myself of the truth.

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