30,000 HITS!

Hey, I just reached the 30,000 pageviews mark!!  Woo-hoo!  Only took me 2-5/6 years to get here (never mind that a third of those hits were in March when we adopted Autumn and had more to do with her beautiful face than with any of my writing talents).

To celebrate I’m redesigning the crappy look of my blog!  Yay!  I’m getting super-awesome help from Desirae over at Sommerfugl Designs.  Just click her beautiful button to check her awesomeness out…

sommerfugl photography and design
I can’t wait for the unveiling of my new design.  My blog button, over there in the left margin, sittin’ all pretty, is hinting at the new look.  Or, you can just look at it right here…

If any of you fellow bloggers out there would like to to swap buttons with me, visit my Sponsors/Ad page.  It’s absolutely 100% free advertising!…or at least until I become famous.  Then you’ll have to pay.

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