Caption That! (Round 4)

Last week’s Caption That! photo had more entries than previous weeks, so Steverino had a harder time picking the winner.  He struggled and strained, but finally came up with a victor.  

Last week’s Caption That! Winner:  

“The Gnome kept a vigilant watch as Junior demanded that Grandpa go get him more cookies. . .” 

submitted by Jen who blogs over at

Congratulations Jen!  Very funny!

To see the photo, click here.
Photo Background:  Steve’s dad hopped in the pool with our son, Sheehan and…that about sums it up.  Throw in a water pistol.  Voila!   And I didn’t even notice the gnome until people started commenting on it!
Here’s this week’s photo…(actually the caption above could almost fit this one)…

Caption That!
The Rules:
1.  Be Funny, Creative, and somewhat Kind (this is my family)
2.  Participate! (it’s only any good if you join in the fun)
3.  More than one entry is allowed…and even encouraged.
4.  Make sure it’s clear who you are, so I can give you credit when you win!  If you have a blog, leave the address in the comment.
5.  Steve will vote on the best caption and I will highlight the winner’s name and/or blog.
If you’re not able to leave a comment, just email me.

Alrighty, go ahead and Caption That!

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Caption That! (Round 4) — 12 Comments

  1. “Hey kid – can you tell this squirrel that he can’t stash his nuts in there? He’s not listening to me and I’m off in five minutes.”

    “Give me back my ice cream cone, you thieving dwarf!”

    “Didn’t your mom ever tell you that it’s not polite to stick your hand in a strangers mouth?”

    “This is proof that dwarves eat children and are not to be trusted…”

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