Caption That! (Round 5)

We had awesome participation on the Caption That! photo last week.  You guys rock my socks!  Steve had a hard time again and narrowed it down to three, but I told him he could only pick one.  So…

Last week’s Caption That! Winner:  “Guess where THIS finger has been.”

submitted by Felicity Wilson, aka. Fitz, Fitzy, I-love-chipping-my-tooth-Fitzlicious.

Fitz doesn’t have a blog (she was my college roomie and is one of my BFFs, so I can fun her like that).
To see the photo, click here.
Photo Background:  Wish we knew.  It was Steve (though my Aunt Kim thought it was me!) and he doesn’t even remember it happening.  So…sorry, no background info. But…
Here’s this week’s photo…

The Rules:
1.  Participate! Leave a comment on the blog or at my Facebook page with your caption.
2.  Be Funny, Creative, and somewhat Kind (this is my family)
3.  More than one entry is allowed.
4.  Make sure it’s clear who you are, so I can give you credit when you win!  If you have a blog, leave a link or your Twitter handle in your comment.
5.  My husband, Steve, will vote on the best caption and I will highlight the winner’s name and/or blog next Wednesday.
If you’re not able to leave a comment, just email me.
Alrighty, go ahead and Caption That!

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Caption That! (Round 5) — 7 Comments

  1. I love this series idea, it’s brilliant! How about…
    “Usually these Easter peeps are a little stale, but this one looks nice and fresh…”

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