Caption That! (Round 6)

Another great week of Caption That! last week.  It’s so much fun to read all the entries.  You guys are creative.  Steve struggles every week to pick a winner because there are so many good entries. Anyway…

Last week’s Caption That! Winner:  I need your help, finchie. Everyone is using twitter except me. How do you tweet?

To see the photo, click here.

Submitted by: Tammy Flahive Nice job Tammy!  Tammy’s another non-blogger follower.  Maybe you non-bloggers who keep winning every week should start blogging.  Or at least get on Twitter because obviously you’re funny enough.  I’m lucky if I can come up with one clever tweet a week – and it’s probably only clever in my own head.
Photo Background:  The cardinal had slammed into my father-in-law’s sliding glass door.  He nursed it back to life.  Then pretended to eat it.  That’s my father-in-law.

Here’s this week’s photo…

The Rules:
1.  Participate! Leave a comment on the blog or at my Facebook page with your caption.
2.  Be Funny, Creative, and somewhat Kind (this is my family)
3.  More than one entry is allowed.
4.  Make sure it’s clear who you are, so I can give you credit when you win!  If you have a blog, leave a link or your Twitter handle in your comment.
5.  My husband, Steve, will vote on the best caption and I will highlight the winner’s name and/or blog next Wednesday.

If you’re not able to leave a comment, just email me.

Alrighty, go ahead and Caption That!

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Caption That! (Round 6) — 13 Comments

  1. Ok I think Stacy so far has the best, but I will try. “Is that a freckle, mole or just dirt and can anyone out there on this thing you call a computer help me?”

  2. “Where’s the beef?”
    Okay…I’m tired…I will try next week…Oh, wait…I just asked one of my son’s…
    His answer:
    “Now, where did I put that microscopic germ?”
    He actually had changed it to: “Now, where did I put that microscopic booger?” but then went back to germ because he thought booger might be too gross.
    Great fun,

  3. I’m with Heidi, I wish I was funny enought to participate. I think your blog is hysterical! I just nominated you for a bloggy award over on my blog, so go check it out if you have a second.

  4. No, I think they’re talking a lot of baloney. Your head isn’t so big, but your hair looks like it might need some trimming, young lady!

  5. From Facebook:

    Eric – “By 2012, the picture-in-picture feature had gotten out of control!”

    Kim – “I know there is a germ on my hand that I haven’t killed with Lysol. I am determined to find it!!”

    Tammy – “Clark Gable kissed my hand right here in 1957. I said I would never wash my hand again. Hmmm, maybe not a good idea in hindsight.”

    Robin – “I swear I think I have a new age spot.”

    Natalie – “I know I had the secret meatloaf recipe tattooed on this hand….Maybe it’s the other

    Angie – “Now, where is that microscopic booger?”…answered by one of my sons. :-)

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