Caption That! (Round 7)

Welcome back to Caption That! 

Last week’s Caption That! Winner: 
I know there is a germ on my hand that I haven’t killed with Lysol.  I am determined to find it!!

To see the photo, click here.

Submitted by: Kim Midkiff (my dear aunt and loyal reader of my scribbles)

Steve said it may not have been entirely fair to choose this caption as the winner because it is so specific to my mom (shown in the picture), but he said he couldn’t NOT choose it because it was so perfect for my mom.  And when I give him the quotes, I do leave the names off.  My mom has a well-known love affair with Lysol (hence the reason for my daughter-shaming of sitting on public toilet seats) – stuff like that puts her over the edge.  

Photo Background:  I was Skyping my mom and she was looking at something on her hand (could have been a germ, I don’t remember).  Apparently she needed a magnifying glass because her glasses weren’t strong enough.  And I had to snap a picture because she looked so darn funny.  This is the beauty of Skype.  You get to experience everyday life with your faraway relatives as if they were right there with you doing their everyday stuff.

On with the show!

In honor of Halloween, here’s this week’s photo…

The Rules:
1.  Participate! Leave a comment on this here blog or at my Facebook page with your caption.  Or you can tweet it, if you’re really adventurous.  I’m not there yet.  I’m waiting to hit 30K followers.  Should only take me about 42 more years.

2.  Be Funny, Creative, and somewhat Kind (this is my family)

3.  More than one entry is allowed.
4.  Make sure it’s clear who you are, so I can give you credit when you win!  If you have a blog, leave a link or your Twitter handle in your comment.
5.  My husband, Steve, will vote on the best caption and I will highlight the winner’s name and/or blog next Wednesday.

If you’re not able to leave a comment, just email me.

Alrighty, go ahead and Caption That!

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Caption That! (Round 7) — 9 Comments

  1. From Facebook:

    Nancy: “I think I MAY have cut my leg when I was shaving!

    Shane: “They’re all gonna laugh at you Carrie!”

    Kim: I finally made it to Miss America Contest. When I opened my Capri Sun
    Red Berry Punch flavor it exploded all over me. I knew I should have
    had the apple flavored one.

    Tammy: “I better win the costume contest. You would NOT believe the
    crazy looks people gave me on the train on my way to work! That was
    before they ran away screaming….”

    Old prom dress- $12.

    Fake blood – $4

    Tiara – $9

    Sash – 50c

    Crazy look on my face like I want to kill several people….

Tom: The can should have said “contents under pressure”

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