I’m The Same…But Different

Today’s Monday Listicles are 10 Ways That I Am The Same or Different Than My Younger Self, chosen by Christine at Random Reflectionz.

This was a hard one.  My creative juices are running kind of low today.

Anyway, here are five ways I’m the same as my younger self:

1.  I like the same music. I have this Crazy Little Thing Called Love for anything from the 80s. And although I stopped trying to be a Valley Girl, I’m married to a Sharp Dressed Man, who drives a not-so-Fast Car, and we have three Kids In America.  My Sharona!  I think that was the dumbest thing I have ever written in my entire life.

2.  My humor is the same. I still love a good fart joke and my favorite phrase, that makes me laugh every time I hear it, is, “I crapped in my pants.” I know. It’s so 11 years old. Isn’t it funny?

3.  I’m still a narcissist. But aren’t we all? Who doesn’t love talking about themselves, promoting themselves, getting compliments about themselves?

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4.  I’m still shy. When I was younger my mom would take me to her office and show me around. She showed me to her co-workers so they could see how much I’d grown. I would hide behind her leg and, ever so sweetly, peek my little freckled face around with a small smile, and whisper ‘hi’.  This was all cute until I was still peeking around at age 17. Then it was just awkward.

5.  I meant four.  This is a list of four things that are the same as when I was young.


Five ways I’m different than my younger self:

1.  I dress differently. Way worse. As a teen, I could rock some Palmetto black & yellow plaid pegged pants. These days I rock my sweat pants.

and a blanket and puffy vest.

2.  I love to read now. I didn’t always hate reading when I was younger. I flew through The Boxcar Children and the Judy Blume books. But something happened when I got to middle school. I think it was the books they required us to read. I hated them. I found no joy in reading. So, I didn’t read anything for pleasure, except BOP and TigerBeat, until I was in college. Then I started reading again. Reading is good. It makes me a better writer…unless I’m writing this post.

3.  I no longer pick my nose and wipe it on the wall at the height of a seven-year old, and then lie about it when my mother asks who did it and blame it on my one-year old sister. Gross. With age comes wisdom. And strategy. The bottom of a shoe? It’s bringing in dirt from the outside anyway. Or the sheet on a bed, when the tissue box is just. Too. Far. To. Reach.  So why not? Just wipe that Dirty Sanchez on the sheets. They’re gonna get washed in a few months anyway.

4.  I no longer have OCD. I used to believe that I had this imaginary string (It was really more like a band. It was really wide. And it was blue.) hanging out of my back, like Woody from The Toy Story. The little plastic circle tied to the string was attached to it’s starting location – my living room – and whenever I walked forward, more string was let out.

So, if I ever walked around a pole, I always had this nagging feeling like my band was being wrapped up and tangled. So I would walk back around the pole in the opposite direction to get untangled. When I would enter a building, I had to exit the building through the same door. Sometimes my friends would tease me about my band and run circles around me, and get stuck in it. Then I would frantically run back around them trying to untangle them. I don’t think they were really my friends though.

5.  I have three kids. I used to have stuffed animals and Barbie dolls. Now I have kids. This is the worst post I have ever written.


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I’m The Same…But Different — 41 Comments

  1. FYI, you have no pants on in that picture. It looks like you had an “accident” {you probably “crapped in [your]pants” while picking in a cold climate and needed to wrap a make-shift kilt around yourself.

    #4 on the same side it totally Ms. Middle. She will find the MOST awkward ways to twist herself in between my legs while I’m talking to someone, then she’ll wonder why I tripped over her and knocked her to the ground. On the other hand, why haven’t I learned to look at where SHE is located in relationship to where I am an then move?

    ~dawn – Super Sunday Sync

  2. LOL! I had on shorts. It was this summer, but it was always still cold in the morning when I sat outside, so I looked like a nomad.

    I totally get Ms. Middle. I’m right there with her.

  3. If this is your worst, why am I laughing so hard?
    I am intrigued by the Dear Naked Barbie post, but what if IT represents your best?
    I might crap in my pants from laughing :P
    I’ll risk it.

  4. I live in my puffy vest. Just waiting for someone ask me why so I can tell them it is my lifejacket and I am prepared for a tsunami.
    Great list, ,add me giggle.

  5. I need to get some of these yoga pants everyone’s talking about. They would probably replace my sweatpants. But, I need pockets. Of course, I’m always wearing a sweatshirt, so that should suffice.

  6. It may be bad, but it is HIgh larious! So maybe there is hope for my booger smearers after all. Thank the good Lord.

  7. My mom used to drag me around to “show” me to people, and I would hide just the same. And you are right, it is pretty awkward when you are 17. :) This can’t be your worst post, it was hilarious!

  8. Kate,
    If I was your friend back then, I would never have run around to tangle you!!! I would have loved hanging out with you. You make me laugh so hard, tears almost run down my legs!!! Got that off of a T-shirt :) So true…

  9. Ah the fart jokes. You would blend in well at my house, especially since the 2 year old has just learned that farts are hilarious!

  10. Ahh yes, fart jokes and where to wipe the endless boogers! My husband is grossed out that I generally flick the dry ones on the floor (What?? they’ll be swept up EVENTUALLY) and my oldest now gets mad when I wipe his boogers on his jeans (of course I wipe them on his jeans, why should I wipe them on mine?) Wow, this is starting to feel like an episode of Mom-shaming :)

  11. Love the blanket, puffy vest, and sandals look. I love it especially, because I once got “dressed” to go for a walk with my husband, in flip flops and my “summer parka” (it was a cold night, okay?) and he was embarrassed to leave the house with me. I indignantly informed him that I routinely wear my flip flops with my summer parka on cool summer nights…because that makes it SOOO much better… ps. My summer parka is a jacket with a hood and faux fur around the hood. It’s more of a fall jacket, but it works well on cold summer nights. I live in Canada. It makes sense.

  12. I love all points made, however; with all you know of me, I think it is no surprise that the Booger Bullet Point needs to become a full sized(maybe 2 part) post!

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