What’s The Point of Blogging?

I’m sitting here on the bench in my foyer watching the kids outside play basketball and ride their bikes. I’ve been stewing over my Friday post, off and on, for the past three hours. I’ve looked at a dozen half-written posts, not confident enough in any of them, nor in myself to even finish one to post.

One of my favorite bloggers is D.J. Over at Thoughts From Paris. He writes a, mostly, humor blog about day-to-day stuff in his life (he’s the one that wrote about pooping his pants at age 26). Anyway, he has a knack for writing about everyday things, but making them entertaining and funny. So, after I finished banging my head against the wall over my post, I visited his blog to study his craft. To see how he does it: how he makes the everyday, entertaining.

So, I was surprised to find that he actually wrote on this very topic(at least in part) today. He said his blog has always been about three things: humor, honesty, and vulnerability (and it is!) and he starts every post with two questions:
  1. Do I have the courage today to write about what’s really going on?
  2. What is really going on?
So, 1) I think I have the courage to write what’s really going on, especially knowing I can dump this post in the trash before hitting publish.
And 2) what’s really going on is my struggle with blogging and my role in it.
Almost daily, I battle with the time I invest in writing my posts. I mean, there are starving people all over the world, even hungry in my own county, and I’m sitting here writing letters to a naked Barbie doll. Is this really the best use of my “free” time? It’s not like I’m saving lives or something. It’s not like I’m a missionary. It’s not like I’m writing about Jesus in every post, or even a tenth of the posts.  Okay, maybe a tenth.
But at the same time a few people have told me that my writing is a gift. I love making people laugh. And I get excited thinking that the words I write can move people or cause some kind of positive reaction.
I’ve prayed about my writing. And I believethat God wants me to do something with it. But, God do you really want me composing letters to naked Barbie dolls or sharing about my addiction to SongPop? I don’t know. But I love it.
I suppose that talking about my own crap can indeed make others feel better about their crap, or at least make them feel like they’re not alone sitting in their crap. I guess that’s where D.J’s advice for focusing on humor, honesty, and vulnerability comes in handy. Just honestly sharing my reallife with others can bring about good. It can comfort, support, and remind someone they’re not alone. I hope I’m doing this.
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What’s The Point of Blogging? — 13 Comments

  1. Sometimes I feel selfish with the time I spend blogging. Thinking I could be better off spending time doing more for my family but the bottom line for me is that in order to be the best for my family I need the blogging. Blogging allows me to be the best I can be for my family.

  2. Blogging became stressful for me for the last week. I think I’m getting over it, but with everything going on in my REAL life, I have been up until 1:00am or 2:00am scheduling posts for the next day (so they didn’t pop up at 2:00am and have people think I was weird). SO…I did a few days worth of my Music Challenge in advance, scheduled them and the last two days, I’ve felt relief. It’s nice to not “have” to post anything. I think I am going to cut back on my posting. Instead of daily, I will go to three or four times a day…after my music challenge.

  3. Yeah, I’m focusing on 3x/week with one of those being the Caption That, which is easy. I think that the headaches are really coming from marketing (blog hops/Twitter) as well as trying to design my blog. I still haven’t started lesson 4!

  4. I know what you mean. I’m always amazed how DJ is able to post every single day, when I struggle to post more than once a week. I didn’t know that he wrote on this, and I’m glad you shared, ’cause it makes a lot of sense. Definitely keep up your blog! As long as you remain true to yourself, even if it’s writing to naked Barbies, (which I absolutely loved reading) people will enjoy it. It’s that honesty and vulnerability that readers love because at least one person can usually relate to it.

  5. Yeah, seeing other people blog everyday and doing it really well, sometimes (often) makes me feel like I totally suck. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s always good to know that we’re not alone. And you’re SO right. Sometimes a post I write gets a lot of comments and sometimes just a few, but there is almost always someone that appreciates it. And I guess that = success. :-)

  6. Hi Kate,

    I am right where you are. The time to make blogging “worth it.” The effort of reading other blogs, when all I want to do is write on my own or maybe just snuggle with the kids and watch “Good Luck Charlie.” Who is realIy reading and why do I write? And I keep coming back to For Him. If just one of my stories can be an encouragement in some way, it is worth it. And yours are, My Friend! I love your stories. Glimpses of hope, humor, and the complete here and now! They usually make me laugh. Hard. And they always make me think.
    So thank you for your words,

  7. Lesson 4 was fine…Lesson 5 was FANTASTIC! There was a lot to do, but it changes a lot on mine. I really liked it. I also like the new background I picked out, and with that magic tool that tells you what color code you picked, I have going to have only 4 colors on my new layout :) I’m so excited!

  8. The point my dear friend is what you’ve already said. You love it. And that is the most important. And you love it enough to bang your head agains a wall for three hours about a post.

    Then there are those of us who you’ve touched through your “love” and you’ve brightened our day. And you’ve made us forget our crap for awhile laughing at yours. Plus you’ve written some really thought provoking things as well.
    So, if that’s not “worth it” I’m lost in the woods with you because that’s what is “worth it” to me. ;)

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