Absolute Funniest Posts From the Past Week (Read these!)

I’m not sure if I did something smart or stupid this week. I volunteered to read 76 posts at Finding the Funny. SEVENTY-SIX POSTS! Add that to the 10-20 per day I’m already reading and you see why my kids have feasted on Fritos and cottage cheese this week rather than our typical filet mignon with wild mushroom and asparagus risotto.  

Okay, I’ve never made those last two.

Every week I hope that someone will volunteer to read all the posts and pick their top five from Finding the Funny, always hoping they’ll find mine in their top five funniest. Am I the only neurotic blogger wondering if readers only like my title, or do they also find my content entertaining?  

So I decided I would volunteer this week to find the top five (or six) funniest of the 76.  And my doing this has absolutely nothing to do with getting more traffic to my blog. Nothing…absolutely nothing.
Let me just say that this was really hard.  And not just the fact that I read 76 posts, but trying to narrow it down. All of the posts contained humor. Which is good since this was “Finding the Funny”. But, by the time I got to #41 (my post) I was sick of reading posts. Nothing was funny, especially mine. All I saw on my junky blog was me trying to be funny. So, I took a two-day break and came back ready to laugh.

And just in case you’re wondering, no, I did not pick my own, but I will let you know which two I submitted: My Dream Job Is NOT Fecal Sample Extractor and My First Kiss On the Beach (Highway).

The ones I picked below made me laugh out loud, multiple times within the post.  Some people had submitted more than one post, but I picked the one best per site so there was no hogging of the limelight.

My Favorite Five (or six) in the order they were listed (if you’re gonna read anything funny this week, read these (and mine listed above)):

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas- The Mom of the Year – The “Dress as a person without kids” costume is priceless.

Lashing Out!- Abby Has Issues – Her whole blog is funny.

Things I Swore I’d Never Do As A Parent- Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine – She’s got a Theme Thursday link-up that I’m going to have to try…once I can get my butt up off the couch to post more than three times a week…and stop reading 76 blogs per week to get more traffic to my site.

As The Dollhouse Turns – Halloween Special- Hollow Tree Ventures – I’m one of Robyn’s groupies. This soap opera series (featuring the Incredible Hulk) is amazing and this episode is particularly funny and left me hanging on the edge of my seat wanting more.  The attention to detail is crazy awesome.

Pegacorn vs. Pegicorn- Point Counter-Point Point Point – These two guys argue with each other in their blog.  Brilliant and funny!

Switching preschools = kill me now- Not My Mom’s Blog – The cartoons were perfect!

Honorable Mentions:
There were some other posts that I also thought were really good and definitely worth clicking on (not that the other 60+ weren’t funny, these just really got my attention).  They included topics like: toilet paper substitutes, a broken refrigerator, kitten poetry, zombie apocalypse race(this one fascinated me), selling stuff on Craigslist, and a hypochondriac.

Overall this was a great experience.  Will I do it again?  We’ll see what Google Analytics says.

Now, go link up your funniest post TODAY at Finding the Funny.

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(NOT to get me more traffic.  I don’t even care about traffic.)

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Absolute Funniest Posts From the Past Week (Read these!) — 18 Comments

  1. Awesome Kate! You are a trooper (a CRAZY trooper). I try so hard to read a couple of posts a day. Even that is a tricky undertaking! Oh yeah, and cottage cheese rocks! I shovel it into the kids at bedtime, whenever they refuse to eat their meat:D

  2. Well I’m glad you sacrificed your sanity for this post, and not just because I was mentioned (I don’t get paid for page views…or at all, for that matter.) No, it’s because I was reintroduced to your blog, so win-win! Anyway, I also LOVE HTV’s drama series via the dollhouse and usually pick posts in the middle of the FTF pack, as I feel those sometimes get looked over.

    Do I comment on every one or read them all? Umm…I do my best, but no, so big props to you. You are truly a trooper.

  3. You know I had to read about the zombie apocalypse race! I’d recently heard of those, but never read about anyone’s experience during one. Pretty cool! I’m looking forward to when I can run again and I’ll be sure to find a zombie race near me. (though I’m pretty sure I’ll literally pee my pants while screaming and running for my “life”)

  4. Good grief!!! 76 blogs! Well done! I can’t imagine going through twenty, let alone 76. Great post…I checked out a few of the blogs you mentioned and had a good laugh reading through some of them. This is a great idea…I think I’ll give it a similar try soon. Crossing fingers for the traffic – we can all use a bit of good karma our way now and then! ;-)

  5. Yeah, I don’t recommend it, unless you have a six hour car ride to the middle of rural Wisconsin to your in-laws – which is what I had. The Fritos and cottage cheese were really just what my father-in-law happened to have on hand.

  6. I hate when people read my newly purchased magazines, before I get a chance to… I have seriously yelled and and mildly attacked various family members who have dared to attempt flipping through the pages of my latest purchase…

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