Are Any Of These Your Pet Peeves?

Challenge:  Describe a few of your pet peeves.

A few?  That’s all I get?  I could write a book. Which really just shows how difficult it is for my family to live with me. I pity them. When they’re not irritating me.

Most of my pet peeves are due to my (self-diagnosed) sensory-processing disorder. Because there’s got to be a reasonable explanation for why I get so irritated by so many seemingly petty things.


For instance, open-mouth chewing. When I hear it, I sometimes want to cry, it’s that painful to listen to.  When Steve eats a bagel…well, this little ecard sums it up really well.


And I feel really bad. I do. I don’t want to hate his eating. I don’t want to run into the other room every morning and put in earplugs and hum to myself because I can’t handle the cud-chewing.  And it’s not just Steve.  Since all our kids were born with cleft lips and palates, they all open-mouth chew.  Eating a meal is like living in a barn full of cows all chewing the cud into microphones and the speakers are right. next. to. my. ears. I hate that.

How about flimsy public restroom toilet paper? Anybody bothered by that?  It’s so flimsy that when I pull some off the roll, one square comes off. Then I pull it again and get another square. Then again, and get a piece the size of my thumb. What’s even worse is flimsy toilet paper on a rigid, non-spinning, flat toilet paper dispenser.  Then I have to unravel the toilet paper manually, over, under, over, under, while hiked up over a nasty toilet seat that’s practically growing hair, as well as sprinkled with someone else’s pee (another pet-peeve), while I continue to unravel the toilet paper square by square, over, under, over, under, all while my legs are beginning to give out as I scream obscenities at the creator of, not only the toilet paper, but that stupid dispenser! I hate that.

Anybody go to Trader Joe’s?  The child seat cart flap at Trader Joe’s. I push it down, it pops back up. I push it down, it pops back up. All while holding a 36 pound child above my head trying to get her feet into those leg holes, but they’re blocked by that dumb flap!!! After months of this weekly frustration, my six-year old pointed out how all I had to do was push firmly on the flap and it would snap into place. Well, thank you six-year-old son. Thank you very much. I hated that flap (until my son taught me the way).

Wet counter tops. I accidentally lay important, or even not important, papers on it. Gaaaaaaahhh! I hate that.

This is my current favorite. Target-brand baby wipes. I’m too cheap to buy Pampers or Huggies, so I deal with generic. When I get a substantial way through the container…like, oh, I don’t know, four wipes in…the wipes start coming out in one big long wipe rather than one individual wipe at a time. So I’ve got my daughter’s legs in the air, poop everywhere, and a three foot long sheet of wipes I’m shaking frantically to break apart. Then when I do, the wipe is wet, folded up as thin as a bookmark, and wrapped around my hand. I’m flinging it around to get it open, not able to use my other hand and not wanting to use the floor because then I may as well just use the nasty-never-vacuumed-covered-in-hair-and-other-whoknowswhat-carpet to wipe my daughter’s rear end. Then I end up letting go of her ankle and she flips over and rolls poop all over the changing mat. I hate that.

Stupid wipes.
I wanted Steve to get the wipes container IN the picture, but by the time I noticed it wasn’t there, he was already asleep.

I could go on and on and on…toast crumbs in my butter/jelly/any kind of spread, silverware clanging together, rubber on rubber rubbing (I can’t stand that noise!), stepping on a wet bathroom floor in my socks, my daughter biting my hard plastic straw to the point of complete flatness, so when I try to suck through it, I get a headache from all the sucking strain… wah, wah, wah.  Talk about hard to live with.

What are your pet peeves?  Could you relate to any of mine?



  1. says

    We could so be real life friends, my husband bites his nails and he tries to be all stealth about as we are watching TV but I can be totally engrossed in a show and still hear him nibbling. I hate it. Now I don’t even look up at him when I tell him…oh I admit it, I yell at him to stop. I hate my bionic ears. I am the same with chewing, don’t even get me started on gum chewing. When I was pregnant it was actually a rule I had for delivery, no gum chewing whatsoever!

  2. Dawn says

    Only at Trader Joe’s? Have you been to Dollar Tree lately? Ugh, those things are irritating *kinda like my kids). Even when you push hard, they pop back :(

    I LOVE TARGET BRAND BABY WIPES!!!!! BUT if you are looking for one more substantial, try WalMart or WalGreens. Both of those are WAY thicker. One of them was drier, so I didn’t like that one.

  3. says

    I’ve never used a cart in Dollar Tree – I avoid that place with the kids. Any cart flap that pops back up should be burned in a mass fire.
    I like the wipes, just don’t like that they all come out in one stinking long line when Autumn’s got poop everywhere. I can’t stand that. Do yours not do that?

  4. says

    I love my hubs but seriously, the way he coughs! It’s like he’s barking and it drives me up the wall! Poor man, I’d never tell him but I cringe every time :)

  5. says

    LOLOL! That’s like my husband’s sneeze. It’s like a bark and it’s really, really loud and scares the crap out of me and I jump. Then I get all mad, like he did it on purpose and could totally control the force of his sneeze. The nerve!

  6. Melanie Chisnall says

    Hmmm, wet counter tops are a big one with me as well. When people sniff and sniff but won’t go and blow their nose. It drives me up the wall! People who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom – there are a LOT of women who do this too! People who don’t know how to use indicators in their cars, taxis who think that they own the road, or pedestrians that take their time walking right in front of your car, when there’s a crossing a few steps away.

  7. Rachel G says

    The toilet paper in most public restroooms does suck, for sure–but I try to look at it this way….some countries I’ve lived/traveled in, don’t keep toilet paper in their public restrooms. It’s just not tradition. So, if you want any you have to carry it with you wherever you go. I’ve also been in restrooms where the toilet paper is kept on one big roll in the public area of the restroom and you have to tear off however much you want to take back to the stall with you…
    I’m never complaining about American bathrooms again, after that! 😛

  8. says

    I believe the toilet paper in public facilities it great for lining the seat, but that’s about it! Perhaps, maybe starting a campfire, too, but I don’t go camping so that’s out of the picture. I think the thing that really sucks in today’s world is the weak manning of cash registers in department stores. 25 lanes and only two manned makes absolutely no sense. I make it a point to set down an item for every five minutes I have to wait. A floor manager questioned me setting things down one day and I told them, “Time is money. If you’re going to cost me money by making me wait in line forever, I’m going to return the favor by costing you lost profits.” It was a concept they couldn’t grasp. Great Post!

  9. JanineHuldie says

    Kate, the wipes are truly a huge pet peeve here. So much so that I caved and only buy Huggies, because I truly can’t deal. I just use coupons (which I swore I wouldn’t be one of the women, but I now am!) and be done with it!!! Great post and totally could relate :)

  10. says

    Yeah, I think it’s the whole expectation thing. I expect to have toilet paper in an American restroom, especially when I see a nice clean roll sitting there ready for me to use. For the times we were in China, I always took a small thing of tissues with me and that was cool b/c I expected that. I don’t like to be surprised by my TP when I’m hovering over a peed upon throne on shaky legs. Ick!

  11. says

    I started pre-pulling and removing about how many I think I’ll need before we start the actual wiping. But, if it gets close to the bottom of the container, I’m still screwed b/c they’re SOOO wet! I should just buy the good stuff for my sanity.

  12. Stephanie Sprenger says

    Again, you are so funny you brighten up my evening. Maybe we can collaborate and write a book called “Things about life that annoy us.” Best seller, baby. You are awesome. Love the wipe picture and story…love the shopping cart story. Seriously- you are so good at this!

  13. christine says

    Ha! My husband sneezes the same way. As a grown man, he really should be able to tell that a sneeze is coming and plan accordingly.

  14. says

    Ya know, it’s not so bad when I’m chewing too. It’s just when I sit down and I’m reading the newspaper at the table or looking through recipes and all I can hear is this…ACK! I just feel like someone is gonna squeeze a foul-food-filled yogurt tube into my ear.

  15. The Next Step says

    Yes to all of those. My Hubs is the LOUDEST eater I have ever encountered – from slurping noodles to smacking fruit – it makes me a little ill!

  16. says

    I have never been to a Trader Joes but I can so relate and add a few. Yes the one square at time toilet paper pisses be off especially when my purse is sitting in my lap because there was no hook! Recently I was sitting across from my dad while he was eating or rather sucking the insides out of a grapefruit. Without even thinking I yelled REALLY DADDY!?

  17. Kim Fiedler says

    Hi Kate

    Okay – I should get in bed – the rest of my week is horrendously, almost scarily busy! But, I’ve been sitting here reading your blogs for the last 45 minutes and laughing aloud in my otherwise silent house. I would love to respond to all of them – as they make me think of so many similar stories. you are funny! Thanks for the laughs! And incidentally, I have often called down the ‘wrath of God’ upon people who make or choose to use the price tags that don’t come off with less than 50 minutes of soaking, picking, peeling, scraping, Goo-gone-ing, and then still leave a smear mark, if not bits of the original tag. To be fair – I remember to ask God to bless those who make or choose to use those nice, easy peel-off tags. Now, I hope I can sleep and not just lay there giggling in bed.

  18. Kim says

    okay – so my mature way of dealing with this – now, hear me out – married for 30 years – count ’em! I have trained myself to sneeze just as loudly – in the hopes that it scares the pee out of him! heh heh heh heh heh

  19. Kerry B ( says

    hahahaha I CAN’T wait to join this challenge but I might cater it just towards the kids! But seriously open mouth chewing makes me nauseous. I have left restaurants before and sit me at a table with old people….forgetaboutit

  20. davromega says

    I was an open-mouth chewer for most of my early to mid childhood (as I am sure you suspected all those long nights wondering “gee how did Dave eat when he was a kid?”) which annoyed the heck out of my whole family! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people spill something wet on the floor and do not clean it up! It pisses me off greatly to have to change my socks several times a day!! I hate crumbs in my butter/peanut butter etc… Leaving lights on leaves me sooooooo mad! I have walked through the house after everyone leaves for school/mom’s time and turned off 7 lights 3 radios and 2 TVs!

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