I’m A Hypochondriac

Have you ever thought you had a serious disease only to spend money on a visit to the doctor to find out you have nothing serious…ends up being something like dry skin?

Yeah, me too.  Happens all the time.

So, I wrote about it today over at Studio 30 Plus.  They’re featuring me.  I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds really cool and famous, so go check it out by clicking here: Is It a Peanut Allergy or Scabies?

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I’m A Hypochondriac — 22 Comments

  1. LOL…I would have commented over there but I’m being a little lazy and not ‘joining the site’ – only cuz I have to get off the computer and go do some things. You’re not a hypochondriac, unless I’m one, too. I’m always diagnosing and going through the realm of possibilities. LOL. You’re definitely not the only one. You definitely made me smile, though. ;0)

  2. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that! I do it ALL the time. I’m gonna have to blame my M.D. Dad and R.N. mom. I mean really? I’ve heard about every physical dilemma on earth. I’ve heard of sudden deaths, disease, rashes, hernias, cancers, rare deficiencies and odd unexplainable events for years over family dinners. My goodness!

    I made my husband go to the doctor after we spent the night in a hotel (what I saw some spots on him I never noticed before!) I thought we had bed bugs or like. Turned out to be age spots! The doctor called me on speaker phone to laugh his ass of at me himself! LOL

  3. I am seriously rolling on the floor right now! I have a sister and dad who do this all the time! They’ve had everything from leukemia to brain tumors if you ask them; doctors have only found cramps and colds. Great post, Kate!

  4. Ok Kate I was rolling from fits of laughter here, because this is so my husband it isn’t even funny. Every time he gets sick from something, I swear the guy thinks he is dying from some dreaded disease. I alway send up having to talk him down from it too. Great post seriously and thank you for a good laugh :) :)

  5. That was awesome! So funny! And just one more thing we have in common! ;) I seem to be constantly suffering from some sort of strange symptoms- twitching eyelids, unexplained rash, all kinds of weird stuff. I am a total hypochondriac. Way to rock the guest post! Woot!

  6. LOL! I’ve learned to keep quiet with my husband because he would just make fun of me. I think he forgot about all the times I’d been to the dr. for my symptoms, but now they’re all fresh ammo in his mind.

  7. Your comparison chart is hilarious! My go-to set-diagnosis is usually cancer too, so it’s nice to see I’m not alone in this!

  8. Sadly, that chart is all true AND incomplete. I’ve had other self-diagnoses. Once I thought I had a tumor on my hand at the base of my middle finger. Turned out to be some gelatinous cyst that was easily treated.

  9. That last one – “my spine” is hysterical! I don’t think there’s anything odd about your behaviour at all. I consult Dr. Google frequently and I’m not sorry. One of these days something really is going to be seriously wrong with me or one of my loved ones and I will have saved a life by bringing these unlikely scenarios to the doctor’s attention and getting an early diagnosis. I know it!

  10. Sad (because you have to stress all the time), but funny! I actually have the opposite problem. To start with, I avoid doctors like the plague, but on more than one occasion, I have had to tell them what I had and then wait for them to come to the same conclusion. The worst was the time I needed documentation of stress hives. They kept insisting it was environmental contact dermatitis, insisted I go on steroids, etc. Meanwhile, I have been breaking out in stress hives since I was a kid – if I’m just moderately stressed, it will be little itchy bumps on the backs of my hands, but I’ve had it head to toe on a few occasions. It’s like getting Chicken Pox over and over again. Not fun. They finally ruled out a bazillion different things after taking many tests and me getting more and more ticked off. Hang in there! ;)

  11. My kids do this to me all the time!! I will think they have some life altering problem. I will make the appointment and then it turns out to be nothing or something that isn’t a big deal and I don’t need to worry about. Ugh!

    Thanks for linking up to the More Than Mommies Mixer on Friday! I am just getting around to following everyone and leaving my comments! :) Hope you will join us again this Friday – we will be having a a giveaway to celebrate our 4th mixer!!!

    Janene from More Than Mommies

  12. It’s harder when it’s your kids because I typically freak out and worry, then think – its probably just gas – but then think what if it’s something serious and I don’t take them and they get really sick, then I’m the worst mom in the world! You can’t win.

  13. Found your blog on the super Sunday sync blog hop and have been snooping around ;) I too am a hypochondriac! My latest google self diagnosis. Brain tumour… But praying it will turn out to be just another case of googleitis and I’ll live on to be plagued by another imaginary disease in a few months time.

    Mystika Faith
    new facebook, pinterest, and g+ follower :)

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