My SAT Scores Sucked. What Else is New?

I received the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award while I was on vacation the last week and a half. Yay! It was given to me by Melanie from Scribbles & Smiles. She lives in South Africa – that’s so cool! She’s also in my Bloppy Bloggers blogging support group.  Then I got another Liebster Award from Learning To Play and Playing To Learn which I already received, but am always thankful to get another mention.  Thank you!
The rules for accepting this award are that I have to list seven unknown facts about myself, then pass it on. I’ve done this once when I was awarded the Liebster Award and as part of my 30 Day Blog challenge (that I never work on), so there’s not much you don’t know about me, but you may not know this…
  1. I’m a worm farmer. I farm worms for their castings (poop) which I put in my vegetable garden. I don’t think I’m a very good farmer because I only check on them about once per week. I feed them banana peels and apples and stuff, then water them. I just found all these hearty fruit flies around their feed (they have a special worm feed too), so I had to put that in a plastic container rather than the burlap sack they sent me with my squiggly friends. I’ll probably find mice around the farm soon. Stupid rodents. We just found droppings AGAIN in our kitchen and attic – even though we have a quarterly service! They’re coming on Monday to set new traps.

    I tried photoshopping out my forehead wrinkles,
    but it looked fake.

  2. I don’t watch or listen to any form of news. My husband has to tell me when celebrities die (the news I care about), like J.R. this past week. It took me a few days before I found out that Osama Bin Laden died. What? When did that happen? Why didn’t you tell me?  And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought a Snooki(e) was a cookie made with Snickers. Yum! And who is Petraeus anyway? I’ll have to google that.

    I’m beginning to realize that this doesn’t bode well for my blog. People are interested in current affairs and events, not just seven things they didn’t know about me before this post.  
  1. I scored 850 on my SATs. Even after taking it three times and studying a book on how to take the stupid test I never broke 1000. I was ashamed of my score for a really long time – like till last month. My score on the verbal portion was about 410. I always thought the score was indicative of how smart I was. And though it’s not indicative of how successful I could be, it had an impact.

    My friend, Mike, in high school, scored about the same as me. I always thought he was kind of smart. Plus, he was left-handed, so I knew he was smart. I assumed he must not have tried hard or it was a fluke, but it did bring me a little comfort at the time (and still does).

    My blog has been validating for me. I’ve always thought that comedians and funny people are really smart, even if they’re not book smart. While I’m not so funny in person because I’m not “quick-witted” (and I have to count on my fingers to figure out 8 + 5), I do feel validated in my ability to make people laugh sometimes with my writing. It makes me feel smart.

    I’d like to take that test again to see how I’d score now.  I think I’d do a lot better. I might actually know what some of those words meant. I think I’d break 1000 this time around.  But, I’m too lazy. 
  2. I got my degree in Biology and Nutrition from Ohio University, the best and most beautiful college in the world, or at least in Southeast Ohio. After #3, don’t even ask me how I got this degree. And I can’t even tell you how I did it because I don’t remember anything from most of my classes, especially Evolution, Genetics, Microbiology and Clinical Nutrition.  It sounds smart, but I think I got C’s in all of them.
  3. I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. I took this for granted, until I moved away to Ohio and then Chicago. That place is a hotbed of history and culture. The extent of me culturing myself was skipping school and taking the Metro downtown to the art museum with friends to hang out. We chose the art museum because you could walk a good portion of the length of the mall without stepping foot outside into the cold. Thankfully, my dad forced us to go to various museums and events in spite of my whining and “this-is-so-borrrrring” complaints.
  4. I enjoy birding. Steve and I get excited when we see a hawk or a new bird. We have a bird book that we record all the birds we’ve seen in our back yard. This is the lamest-sounding hobby ever. Okay, maybe worm-farming is more lame. I might have to take up macrame or watching paint dry next.

    Check out Go Explore Nature for more of this story.

  5. My toes are webbed. Not really, I just can’t think of anything else you may not know about me.
Now, I get to nominate another blogger that I think deserves this award. This is hard because there are so many. I’m going to break the rules and pick two: Stephanie at Mommy, for Real and Vikki at Laugh Lines.  They both make me laugh with every post and they’re great writers, so check them out!

If you really want other people to get to know me then tweet or like this.  Otherwise, do nothing and we’ll all still be okay. Except me. I’ll be depressed.

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My SAT Scores Sucked. What Else is New? — 34 Comments

  1. SAT scores are not the best predictors. My husband scored really low….like, lower than you, even with studying and trying hard and taking it three times. And went on to get a nursing degree and now he’s in grad school to be a nurse practitioner. But he’s really embarrassed about his score, too–he wouldn’t tell me till after we were married. He seemed to think I might back out on the deal if I knew how bad he did. :P

  2. I also never scored more that 960 on my SATS and was always a straight A student. Just was never really good at taking standardized tests so I can truly relate on that. Congrats on the Sisterhood Award and Liebster Award, too. Loved the two bloggers you picked and congrats to them, as well!!

  3. That’s cute. And sad that these stupid tests have such an impact on our psyches. I’m glad I revealed my score and hope others find comfort in knowing we’re either all stupid or the test is dumb. I say the test is dumb.

  4. Well thank you, two of my three favorite compliments wrapped up in one sentence. The third would be my kids telling me I’m a good mom. I don’t recall hearing that yet…unless they wanted something.

  5. Although I do read magazines (in the line at the checkout) and occasionally check out I refuse to watch the news or read newspapers either. Too full of sad/bad things I don’t really want to know about!

    I collected worms when I was little, I didn’t know it was their poop that helped gardens though, I thought it was just all the tunnels that they made which irradiated the soil.

  6. Wonderful post! I love learning the 7 things about people when I see this award. I sucked at the SAT’s, too. I don’t even remember what I got, but I resolved to not let it define me. I got a lot of awards when I graduated high school and I feel like that validated how hard I can work to achieve good things. :) You sound like you’re in the same camp – you’ve done amazing things with your blog and your writing is beautiful. A stupid test will never, ever define how we can live our lives, nor will it ever determine our potential. Keep on rockin!

  7. Good choices and interesting tidbits on you. These posts are always so much fun because they really let us get to know the person behind the computer screen!

  8. It’s great to learn all about you, Kate! Worm farming — I never would have guessed that! I think your writing is wonderful, and I love reading your posts. Great selections for the Sisterhood Award, too!

  9. That was a great 7 things Kate — you are more interesting than I think you realize! As for the SATs, I was always a terrible standardized test taker. So, after my not good enough score on the PSATs, I took an intensive SAT prep course and raised my score a measly 100 points — better than nothing I guess but the annoying part is my older brother studied for maybe an hour the night before his SATs (and did not take a review course or anything) and he scored waaayy higher than me. I was JUST talking about that over this past Thanksgiving too for some reason. Anyway, great post and you picked 2 GREAT bloggers!

  10. Item Number 2 totally had me sitting up. I have been news/current events abstinent for a number of years now ( “Hi Clark”…) lol
    But I totally agree with the idea that not getting caught in the sensational, end-of-the-world, storm-of-the-Milenium culture leaves me so much more energy and other things that can be used positively for my family and them.
    Good Post …congrats!

  11. Yay! Someone else who cares more about seven things about me than that whole Mayan end of the world thing I keep seeing jokes about, but don’t get because I don’t know what it’s referring to.

  12. Yeah, I don’t get that. Are certain people just able to retain big words that nobody really uses? And analogies and math stuff only engineers ever need? I’m whining now.

  13. A worm farmer? Ok now that is way cool. And BTW I got a 650 on English and a 320 on the math portion. I think you get 200 pts for your name….

  14. Anyone who touches worms voluntarily is very, very brave. Well, I think so anyway. I can’t ….I shudder at the thought, lol. I’d rather touch something like a cockroach than a worm. I understand why you don’t watch the news…I’ve stopped as well, but I do go online now and then to see what’s happening. It’s just so depressing. Always bad news around us…especially on TV. We don’t have SATs here, so not really sure what that is (I’m assuming exams/tests?) but congrats on your score, sounds like you did really well! :)

  15. Oh Melanie, 850 is a sad score. It’s a test high schoolers take that is required by many US colleges. There’s another test called the ACT that I didn’t take, thank goodness, because that score probably would have been even worse. I’m over it now…kind of.

  16. I also learn virtually all of my news via the filter of partner or friends… and I’m a business writer. What I need to know comes to me anyway, you know? And I also have webbed toes… I wonder if the news aversion is related to the syndactyly? Someone should do a study on that… congratulations on the awardiness.

  17. Those SATs! Mine was no better. I did go to college for one year but i did a well as I did on the SAT’s. I was a lot smarter (disciplined) at 38 when I went back. I’ve read you on Tuesdays. Nice to get the deeper version – fake webbed toes and all. ;-)

  18. OK – first, I need to get set up on Discus so I can stop looking like that creepy shadow guy.

    Next – loved this list. Seriously. Thanks for getting personal so we can get to know who you “really are”. Warm Farmer? hahahaha I love it! You should blog more about that.

  19. Well first of all – kudos for even REMEMBERING what you scored on your SATs. I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Or if I even remembered to have it at all. lol!! Much less what I scored on my SATs xxxx years ago. lol! That is indicative of a good memory (something I lost ages ago), something I’m sure would help you break that 1,000 mark if you took it again. :) Thanks for linking up and congrats on the awards. YOu deserve them! I love reading your blog!

  20. How in the world do you remember what you got on the SAT? Well, I guess I remember my ACT score so it’s possible, but still…somebody is holding onto a grudge a little too long!

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