Writing Prompts: My First Guest Post

I’m foregoing my “Tuesday Firsts” that I started two weeks ago because I’m guest posting over at Dawn’s Disaster.  This is my very first guest post. She’s my cousin, so it’s kind of a family obligation thing that she let me post, otherwise she’d be put on Santa’s naughty list (I know him personally).  Dawn does contests and giveaways and shares recipes and writes about her life with her “hubs” and three “littles”. Dawn also has another site: A Birth Mother’s Story (click on her “Adoption” tab), where she writes about her experience as being a birth mother, as well as being adopted, herself, from South Korea. Great resource for anyone having anything to do with adoption.

Today, over at Dawn’s, I’m writing about where to find writing prompts when you’re stuck staring at your computer screen like a zombie. Some of them include blog hops/memes. So, if you’re a writer or blogger and need some ideas, or if you’re nosy, like me, and want to see what my family blogs about, then visit Dawn’s Disaster.  I’d be totally nosy, if I were you. Then leave a comment letting her know you stopped by.  And let her know your favorite flavor of ice cream (that’ll totally weird her out – that’s what we do in our family – weird each other out).

(because I’m Italian in a Welsh, Irish, British, West Virginia Red-neck ancestry sort of way)

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Writing Prompts: My First Guest Post — 3 Comments

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