14 Like Totally Awesome 80′s Toys and Stuff

Do you remember any of this stuff?

Crazy Foam

Do you remember this stuff?  I had Super-Man. It was foaming soap. You’d push on the top of his head and he projectile vomited shaving cream-like foam out of his mouth.  Then you slathered it all over your body in the tub.  I’m sure it was meant to last a while, but I used mine up in three baths.



I loved this game. It may have been from the 70s – probably. It was the pre-cursor to Pole Position. It had a working steering wheel and gas pedal. You pushed the pedal and steered your magnetized car around the streets with your steering wheel, trying to drive under bridges, avoiding pylons and stuff.  Sometimes I would slam on the gas and my car would fly off the map across the room.  That was fun.

Wacky Wafers

I think they still make these, maybe. But I remember them in the clear wrapper on the bottom. Yum! Ten cents at High’s Dairy Store.

Dolly Pops


My sister had these and I would play with them too. I was a teenager.

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax


This was big when surfing was everything even though we lived a good three hours from the coast. It’s a puck of wax you rub on the surface of a surf board to give traction to your feet.  We bought it and chewed it because it was flavored.  It was like chewing flavored wax lips.  We felt like chewing it made us cool because it had the word sex in it. I don’t think our parents approved of this, both because it had the word sex on it and because we were chewing who knows what.

Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

I totally had this. I remember begging and begging for it. I think I used it twice. It involved a lot of turning the crank.  In no way was I spoiled.

Fashion Plates

I loved these. Unfortunately, I ran out of paper too quickly and the plates made their way all over the house. And I didn’t have a pencil sharpener.

Rubik’s Cube Necklace

I think these may be back in style and I just don’t know it because there were a lot of images for this when I googled it. My best friend and I exchanged Rubik’s cube necklaces for Christmas one year. I remember that I felt like I got the shaft because the one I gave her had a metal chain and the one she gave me just had a black cord. Again, I was not spoiled.

Waterful Ring Toss

I remember playing with this a lot, but it probably just felt like I did and I really didn’t.  I do remember the water getting low and I still tried to pump the rings onto the spikes, but there wasn’t enough room between the spike and the top of the water for the ring to go and so I would have to tilt the game and hope gravity didn’t work against me.  It was actually pretty fun before Atari 2600 came around.

Atari 2600

Ahh, the good old days.

Here’s me in my Holly Hobbie t-shirt, ticked off at my mom because she made me look at the camera while playing Space Invaders or Demon Attack.  The nerve of her. I just know I got destroyed.

Table Top Video Games
This meant I wouldn’t have to lug the entire Atari 2600 console all the way to my grandmother’s house and hook it up to the back of her TV with a butter knife.  I could just take my Q-bert game.  My sister had Frogger.  Actually, I think she still has it. And I think it still works too.


I’ve looked for one of these sets for my kids (and me), and thought we had one, but it turned out to be some cheap, dumb thing that didn’t make anything as glorious as the spirals on this page.

(The Original) Star Wars Action Figures

My husband made me put this one in.  The only time I played with them was at my babysitter’s house when her grandson had them around.  I only really liked RD-D2.  I pretended like he was my Barbie’s robot maid, like Rosie from the Jetsons.

(The Original) Strawberry Shortcake and Friends

Sadly, I was too old for Strawberry Shortcake by the time she came out.  But my sister wasn’t! So, like Dolly Pops, I secretly played with these as a teenager too.

What do you remember or like best from this page? Tell me in the comments.

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14 Like Totally Awesome 80′s Toys and Stuff — 41 Comments

  1. YES! Loved waterfall ring toss. You can still buy crazy foam, but without the super hero. I got some for my Husby for Christmas…

  2. Oh man, you just brought man down a slippery slope of memory lane here. I loved three quarters of these things and would also add the damn Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls, because who did not own on of those in the 1980s, lol!! Awesome Kate, seriously awesome!!!

  3. Man, I feel like I grew up on a different planet – well, I sort of did! I guess the spirograph and the water toss thingy made it over to England, oh and the Atari – although we had a spectrum at our house. I had a strawberry shortcake duvet cover,but no dolls :( Funny – we were just talking about Spirograph on Christmas Day, cos my nieces got a rubbish modern version! Super fun post! I totally wish I’d had the snoopy snow cone machine – my best friend had some frosty snow cone maker that I was really jealous of!

  4. Not being a child of the 80′s, there are several of these I only remember because my girls received them as Christmas gifts. I was addicted to the atari 2600, and everything that followed it in the game arena, until Playstation 2. That’s when I stopped and said, “Enough is enough.” Funny, my wife and I have just pulled it out in the last week and started playing Tiger Woods Golf again. The Rubik’s Cube was a staple then, and no, I never did have the patience to figure it out. I lucked out one day, and never changed it from that point on. lol Great post!

  5. What a cool list of toys and games from the 80s! I was much more of a 90s child, and even though I don’t recognize most of these, I do remember the waterful ring toss. That was so much fun! Great memories Kate! :)

  6. I loved this! Yes, we had several of those toys, including Atari and the waterfall toss (which our kid’s dentist still has in his office). Another one for your list: Labyrinth. Someone just gave that to my son for his birthday…it’s so much harder than I remember. Guess I need to practice! Anyway, thanks for the memories!

  7. Not sure my comment went through so I’m trying again…yes, I remember these toys, especially the Atari (my brother played it all the time) and the waterfall toss (which my kids’ dentist still has in his office). Another one for your list: Labyrinth. Someone just gave that to my son for his birthday and it’s so much harder than I remember! I’m convinced the remake of the classic version is not as well-made or something. Anyway, thanks for the memories!

  8. Oh my, I loved this post! Thanks for putting all the effort into that fantastic trip down memory lane! I was not too old for the whole Strawberry Shortcake thing ;) and I loved them. Loved the Atari, LOVED fashion plates…and I STILL have my Holly Hobbie sheets! This was so much fun to read!

  9. cool…now *everyone* can feel as old as I do! (sorry Rich, …as old as Rich and I do!) lol Next to songs, the toys that we received have to be the most emotionally-charged, semi-iconic objects in our damn lives!
    Fun read.

  10. excellent Post! now *everyone* can feel as old as I do! ( sorry, Rich! …can feel as old as Rich and I do!) lol
    Is there anything more emotionally charged than the toys we received as children? (other than songs that we heard as semi children, of course).

  11. Blast from the past! I remember most of these. I used Sex Wax on my surfboards, but I never tasted it. I remember it smelling good though, but no, not enough for me to chew on it.

  12. ALL. OF. THIS!!!!! I remember that foam!! And I spent hours playing that car game! And Atari! My SIL spent hours bidding on a system for her brother for Christmas. My husband and I were like, “Don’t you love us??” Buuuuuuuuut, I NEVER chewed on the Sex Wax. We all had it because we thought it was cool, but never even thought about consuming it. It was flavored?? Ellen

    • I can’t believe you had that car game!! I’ve never known anyone else who’d even heard of it. I thought maybe it was a figment of my imagination until I found it on the Internet. It was so fun, wasn’t it?!

  13. Wow! This was fun! I loved the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls…and Atari was our life as much as Wii is an obsession with my kids now. Do you remember KerBangers? (not sure of the spelling) They got recalled because too many kids were smacking themselves in the head? I loved those things…

  14. How could I NOT remember those? I was annoyed that Crazy Foam had only male super heroes. I am sure my Fashion Plates are in a box in my parents attic & my sister had the Snoopy Sno Cone machine.

  15. I was jealous of my friend’s Barbie Dream House. Of course, she never wanted to play with it when I was over because she was BORED with it. I’ve never heard of a Spectrum. Must be like Atari or Intellivision.

  16. I could NEVER figure out the Rubik’s cube. I could only get one side all the same color. I had a cheap one so I peeled the stickers off and put them all on the correct sides.

  17. I don’t remember Labyrinth. What is that? Was that the wooden maze with the metal ball? If so, I picked one up at a yard sale a few years ago…just because. We never play actually play it.

  18. LOL! I took my Holly Hobbie bed sheets to college! My roommate used to make fun of me…or maybe that was because I only laundered them on breaks. Either way, they were great fun! I think I still have the pillow case in one our closets.

  19. I don’t remember KerBangers. Wait, I googled them. Oh yes, I remember them. We had them. I’m sure my sister and I knocked each other in the head with them a time or 15.

  20. I played with or had a lot of these. My sister also had a complete She-Ra costume. Also, there were Cabbage Patch Kids. I had a bald baby boy that looked a lot like Tommy Pickles from the RugRats; my sister had a bratty girl with blonde hair. My little brother even had one; it was a boy with brown hair named Gilbert. Gilbert was the pariah. Also, I think our cabbage patch kids might have been knockoffs created by the neighbor. We also were not spoiled.

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