THE Scariest Christmas Ornament EVER

One last pre-Christmas post before the big day. Kelly Duran from Writing Down The Bones suggested 10 ornaments on your Christmas Tree and the stories behind them for today’s Monday Listicles.  
This is great because our tree is comprised of sentimental ornaments, whether from our childhoods, ones our kids have chosen over the years, gifts from family/friends, or mementos from trips we’ve taken.
Here are 10 of our ornaments and the stories behind them…
Kermit Krush Ornament – If you read about my 10 crushes, then you already know about this ornament and why it’s on our tree…in all it’s glory.

GOSH! Isn’t he cute?

Memory of a Nightmare OrnamentThis one reminds us of the time we camped in Acadia National Park in a downpour that required us to dig a mote around our tent. It was after Labor Day, so there were about three other campers at the entire camp.  One group of campers was right next to us. As we could so easily hear their conversations, we learned that they were all recovering alcoholics, who were clearly celebrating their “recovery” with copious amounts of beer and six foot high fires, left unattended. And they had all been in prison. We left as soon as we could. 

It’s Broken, But Sentimental Ornament – This was the first ornament we got Sheehan (our eight year old).  Big Bird’s nose is broken off, but I can’t part with it because it was his first.
My Husband Hates This Ornament – Every year I find this ornament on the back of our tree.  Steve is a Bears fan. I think he thinks I got this ornament to spite him, but I bought it before we started dating. I don’t watch football, but I grew up outside of D.C.  I got this ornament when I was missing home. Plus, it was on clearance at Hallmark because nobody in Chicago likes the Redskins.

Our Son Picked This Ornament And We Don’t Know Why Ornament - Every year we let each of our kids choose a new ornament for the tree.  Typically, they choose Spider Man, Sesame Street, Cars, drums, etc., but when Josiah was five, he chose this. I like that he went out of the box.
Bigger Than Your Head Ornament – This is the biggest ornament on our tree. This is one giant representation of all my mommy-guilt. I don’t know who made it, and by making it I mean, one of my children stuck three stickers on it. But, I feel guilty throwing it away.  So, for now, the giant thing is staying on the tree. In the back.
(Note: I had written something entirely different about this ornament, but when I re-read it this morning I realized how ANGRY I sounded, so I changed it.  I’m not angry, just overwhelmed by the mommy-guilt related to this ornament. Okay, maybe I’m angry at the mommy-guilt, but not at the ornament or my kids. But now everyone who read it will think I’m an scroogie-ogre. Ack!)
Nobody Knows What To Get My Husband Ornament - Every coffee-lover has one of these on their tree, right? Unless you’re picky and only like Dunkin’ Donuts or Caribou or some other high-priced coffee.  Personally, I’d be content with a can of Folgers hanging from the tree, but Steve is kind of a coffee snob.  
I choose to think it’s full of non-fat,
no-whip, extra-hot, Peppermint Mocha.
Steve says: Mocha Valencia. I say: Nasty.
Everybody’s Been To Graceland Ornament – My husband doesn’t like this ornament either  He thinks it’s cheesy, like one of those Velvet Elvis paintings. So not even close. When I asked him to think of weird ornaments on our tree, this was the only one he mentioned.

Like Having Satan On Your Christmas Tree Ornament – Why do we even have this thing on our tree?  We got it in China in 2008 when we went to adopt Josiah. We wanted an ornament to commemorate the trip and this is what we found. Seeing as how Christmas is not such a big holiday there, it wasn’t so surprising that there wasn’t much to choose from. We didn’t notice that the eyes popped out until we put it on our tree. We like to think it’s a dragon.

Wait, I change my mind…

Merry Christmas!

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THE Scariest Christmas Ornament EVER — 12 Comments

  1. I just got scared silly looking at the Barney ornament! lol Be careful when Josiah gets to be sixteen if he starts getting a fetish to own a VW Microbus and wears flower print shirts. It’s a long flight from Chi-town to Hawaii to visit! Merry Christmas to you and your family! : )

  2. That scary ornament wins! I was cracking up!! I can totally picture the hilarity and horror that must have occurred when you hung it, and its eyes popped out!!

  3. Whoa! That eye popping one is CRAZY! I’d be afraid to go to sleep at night with it in the house. I really enjoyed reading your list; it was very interesting. I didn’t do this listicle because our ornaments are completely devoid of personality at this point. I’m sure they’ll liven up as our kids get older.

  4. Merry Christmas to the only person who has weirder ornaments than me. :) We have a ginormous black tooth that is bigger than a child’s head, but somehow it did not make it on the tree (and I’m not being sarcastic because I love that thing). I so wanted a picture of it for our post, but I definitely was not willing to pull out the ornament box to search for it. Maybe next year.

    Your Acadia story definitely needed to be commemorated. :) Ellen

  5. Wow, Barney just made me have a mild heart attack and a huge panic one!! Your tree sure is unique. I do love the stories behind it! Happy New Year!! See you tomorrow with your suggestion listicles :)

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