10 Things Stayin’ The Same In 2013

Stasha is calling the shots this week for Monday Listiclesand gave us: 

10 Things You Have No Intention of Changing in 2013.

  1. I’m going to continue blogging. I’m gonna keep doing humor and maybe a little seriousness thrown in every once in a while, depending on my mood.  I’ll keep doing the Monday Listicles and Caption That! By the way, I’m running out of pictures. Anyone have any I can use?  I’ll give you a butt-load of credit/tweets/whatever you want. I also plan to continue Finish The Sentence Friday Link-up that Janine and I just started last Friday. I know that’s not from 2012, but I wanted to plug it.

  2. I’ll keep tweeting.  I love tweeting. A little too much.  I made my Top 15 Tweets of 2012 and I need to have a smart list to choose from at the end of 2013. Plus, it gets more people to read my blog.

  3. I’m going to continue my 30 Day Blog Challenge and My Firsts series.  I’m great at starting things. And I can finish, but sometimes it takes me a really, really long time. But this Friday, our Finish The Sentence Friday link-up sentence is: “One of the most embarrassing things I ever did was…” and that coincides with one of my 30 Day Challenges, so I’m well on my way to finishing the challenge. Maybe I’ll make all the FTSF sentences follow my blog challenge. Don’t tell Janine.

  4. I’ll keep vegetable gardening. It’s January, time to start planning.  Just got my seed catalogues. I grow almost all my vegetables in square foot gardens and a couple containers. I grow tomatoes, carrots, raspberries, strawberries, green beans, onions, potatoes, herbs, brussels sprouts, and peppers. I’m going to do a lot more peppers this year – they freeze really well. The potatoes tasted AWESOME, so I’ll be doing those again too. 

  5. I’m going to keep reading.  I love books – all kinds.  Except classics – can’t stand that crap. I participate in the Literary Junkies link-up on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. I get to talk about the books I’m reading. I also have a tab, up there at the top of my page, where I update what I’m reading at least once a week.

  6. I’ll be continuing with my Bible study group. God knows I need Jesus (does that count as a holy pun?). I have to beat this blogging/social media addiction somehow. Plus, it’s like free therapy; I lay all my garbage out on the table and they help me.  Sometimes I let others talk.

  7. I’m going to continue to use the pumice stone on my heels.  I asked Steve for a pumice stone for Christmas, but then my mom gave me hers over Thanksgiving. So, then I asked for the next thing on my list: an iPhone – glad my mom gave me that pumice. Is a used pumice stone gross? Is that like sharing Chapstick or mascara or licking a dirty mini-van? Not sure.

  8. I have no intention of making any additional effort to brush my teeth prior to 3pm. Unless I leave the house. But, if I’m not leaving, what’s the point? The kids haven’t complained. Steve’s not home yet. Okay, there’s the whole plaque build-up thing, but I talked to my dentist and he said that stuff doesn’t start to build up for 24 hours. So, I’m good.

  9. I’m gonna keep eating kale chips.  I love them and they’re one of those super foods or something. I made some for my dad when he visited last month. He’s a vegetarian and stuff, so I figured he’d love them. He hated them. He even asked for something to clean the taste out of his mouth. I think chocolate. My step-mom loved them though.

  10. I’m going to continue my dream of writing a book.  My (real-life) friend, Angie Ryg, (yes, I have a few) just wrote a book, Clutter Free Simplicity.  I bought it and started reading it today. God knows I need some simplifying. Angie’s encouraging me to take my best blog posts and make them into a book. I just helped D.J. Paris, at Thoughts From Paris, do a little editing of his book, based on his blog, coming out this month. So, don’t be surprised if later this year I’m begging and groveling for you to buy my book. Don’t worry, it’ll be cheap.

    Now, I want YOU to leave a comment and tell me what YOU have no intention of changing in 2013. Then share this post like a crazy fool by clicking the buttons below. (This is me practicing my begging and groveling for when my book comes out…the one I’ve only dreamed of and have never actually done anything about.)

    Tuesday, I’ll be sharing the Hall Family Christmas letter.  Yeah, it’s late, but it’ll be worth it. Maybe.

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10 Things Stayin’ The Same In 2013 — 54 Comments

  1. Love your 5 and 6 but yes, a used pumice stone is a little gross! I got a fake one from Boots or someplace. It’s fine and cost about a quid ;)

  2. I have no intention of cooking more frequently or eating ice cream any less. I also have no intention of giving up diet coke or iced tea (both daily necessities). I think that about covers my vices! Your list was great!

  3. Those are great! Especially the ice cream one. I’m going to try giving up sugar though…starting tomorrow. I may say that every day this year. I just ate a candy bracelet.

  4. A few thoughts: did you really help DJ? That must have been cool for you… Also,”Don’t tell Janine” and “Sometimes I let other people talk” were my favorites from that list! I am pleased to say that I too have my Listicles published a whole 12 hours early- woot!

  5. A quid – slang term for £1. Sorry. And yes – I understand that pumice is lava rock, which I think can be artificially made from…other stuff I guess.

  6. Aw, woman – you are a hoot Kate! My furry teeth haven’t seen a brush all day AND we went out this morning AND we had friends over for dinner. My name is Josie and I’m a total scruff bag. 24 hours you say? I’m still good.

  7. Hmm, after seeing that pic, maybe I need a pumice stone. I think I’ll get a new one though LOL Great list and ahave an awesome 2013

  8. I keep hearing about kale chips. I think I am going have to look into these some more. I love your #10 – that is a great dream!

  9. “Sometimes I let others talk” – haha!! I remember thinking many times that my Bible study/prayer request groups were pretty good therapy. And I don’t like classics either. I’m glad to hear someone else say it.

  10. When we eventually move (when they find owners for this house and we’re kicked out), I’m coming to you for advice on how to grow peppers. They’re one of our favourite vegetables. We eat them in salads, have them roasted, thrown over pizza, in pasta – anything! It sounds like you’ve got your goals all lined up for this year, and I can’t wait to see what you put together for your book…exciting! My one thing that’s going to stay the same this year is probably the exercise thing. I stopped for 2 weeks over Christmas because it was the holidays (stupid excuse but I got lazy). I ended up picking up 3kgs and getting out of breath walking up the stairs. Now I’m working out fully first thing in the morning and I love it. It gives me a lot of feel-good vibes for the day, and at least I don’t have to feel like I’m forcing myself to exercise.

  11. Yes! WRITE WRITE WRITE! Also, I’ve seen several statements to continue tweeting and blogging. Is there a mass movement to cease such activities? Do I need to pull on my dramatic pants and throw a ginormous mommy fit? Twitter sometimes is my only link to sanity! :D

  12. We began to notice that that portion of the sheet was sheer. What?! Then it just turned into an all-out hole. I had these sheets for 17 years. I guess that’s pretty good for sheets.

  13. I DID help DJ. He had like 20+ volunteers. I practically begged to let me help me. No I flat-out begged. Yay, on having your listicles done. I’m usually cramming the night before too. I never have anything scheduled ahead of time. Except tomorrow’s post.

  14. I admit, I did go all day Saturday without brushing. We went to breakfast, the mall, Toys R Us, Trader Joe’s – and I ran into someone I knew there. Had make sure I covered my gummy smile in case I had any friends hanging out in my teeth. I should have just brushed. #lazy

  15. Thank you for being someone else who doesn’t like Classics. The main reason I don’t like them is that they make feel stupid. So many people rave over them and I’m all…what? I don’t get it. I can’t even understand that one sentence.

  16. Awesome with the exercise! I need to join a gym. Mine closed down over Thanksgiving and we haven’t joined a new one. Were waiting for the new year, but then I was sick over the weekend and we never made it. But, I’m like you – getting out of breath going up the stairs – and we only have 8!

  17. No intention of changing:

    - My blog

    - My eating habits (I already eat pretty healthily, but I can’t give up chocolate ENTIRELY)

    - Giving myself pedicures. I do them just as well, and I do it for free.

    - The kale chips sound fabulous. This may be something I’m changing.

    - I lost track of what this list was supposed to be about.

  18. So I will be trying kale chips… they sound good! I will not be reading/watching tv/reading other people’s blogs less. By the time my boys are down for the night that is ALL I want to do with my evening :)

  19. Well, a USED pumice stone is one of THE grosses things I can think of! YUCK!!!!!!!

    I think all of you things staying the same are great. Why stop blogging now? Especially since you have a new kick-@** blog hop going? Who should stop doing Bible studies? Only Heathens.

    I am a little concerned about #8, but only if you did that while I was around you. I did brush my teeth a few times a day while your family was around, versus my 1.5 times a day.

  20. I often leave my Bible study in shame, realizing I am the only one that got a word in. I am surprised they even let me come.
    Gardening is awesome, isn’t it? Our potatoes did quite well this year, too. But brussel sprouts? Ick.
    I didn’t know you have a book list you update. I’ll head on over. It’s my turn to pick our next book club book.
    I’m pretty sure I have a few pictures you could use for caption that if you want them.

  21. I probably need to read other people’s blogs less. I’m reading at least 20 a day. Each one takes me 3-5 minutes with comments. Ugh. And I’m always interrupted by the kids, so it just takes longer.

  22. LOLOL! It didn’t look gross. It looked brand new, but it was in her shower. She’d die if she read this. I don’t know if I brushed my teeth when I was around you. Probably. I didn’t want you to think I was a total pig.

  23. You should do the book link-up. Any opportunity for me to talk about books and read other’s posts on book is a not miss. I made a whole list of books to look for from the first link-up. Loved it!

  24. Sweet! Would love the pics. I only record my current book reading. But I’m on goodreads, and update that every time I read something new. Are you on there?

    The Brussels sprouts were a test. They were quite small and my husband hates them. I threw them in with a bunch of other vegetables I was roasting.

  25. I’m loving all the linky heads up! Your finish the sentence one sounds interesting. Must remember to check out. Please tweet excessively about it. I need that! For real.

    I keep finding more and more in common with you. I love my Bible study too. It is the best therapy. I also square foot garden.

    But girl, if you are going to eat those kale chips (which I love) you have GOT to brush your teeth. :) Ellen

  26. I totally thought my dad would love the kale chips – obviously wrong. I do, however, have to fight my 3 yo daughter for them. She always thinks they’re just for her. I have to make a double batch all the time. :-)

  27. Love this! I am excited to join up with your blog and keep up! I especially love #10 – I’m with you on the dream of writing that book ‘one day’. I am going to start working on it this year!

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