Caption That! (Round 15)

Welcome back to Caption That!

This week Steve wanted to pick two winners (there were a lot of entries, so he had a harder time choosing – poor Steve).

Last week’s Caption That! Winner: “I wore the blue one cos the red one just looked stupid.”

Submitted by: Josie Bisett from Go Momma!

Runner-Up: “My name is Ted and I’m with FEMA. I understand you have a flood problem?

Submitted by: Terrye Toombs from 
Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan

Also, I decided to give the winners each week some more props. If the winner has a blog, I’ll put your button in my left sidebar for the world to see, or at least the five people that read my blog. If you don’t have a blog, I can put your name and anything else you want to promote.

To see the last Caption That! photo, click here.

Last Week’s Photo Background: That was my father-in-law. I have no idea what he was doing. But stuff like this is not uncommon with him.

Caption That!

The Rules:
1. Participate! Leave a comment on this here blog or at my Facebook page with your caption. Or you can tweet it, if you’re really adventurous, unlike myself.
2. Be Funny, Creative, and somewhat Kind (this is my family)
3. More than one entry is allowed.
4. Make sure it’s clear who you are, so I can give you credit when you win! If you have a blog, leave a link or your Twitter handle in your comment.
5. My husband, Steve, will vote on the best caption and I will highlight the winner’s name and/or blog next Wednesday.
If you’re not able to leave a comment, just email me.
Alrighty, go ahead and Caption That!


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      Cheers for picking mine last week! I felt sure the ‘can I borrow your chainsaw , Pearl?’ Was the one that cynched it! Me and the hubs are having another crack at it this week, it’s giving us a good giggle while we steam clean kid poop off the carpet.

  1. says

    Josie, these still aren’t showing up. Not sure why. Got them in my inbox though. :-)

    Hey kid! Did you cut the cheese? – Josie Bisett

    “Dad, isn’t Mickey Mouse supposed to be black?”

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