The Vacations to Myrtle Beach, Hawaii and Bora Bora I Won’t Tell You About

The last time I went on vacation I…don’t really want to write about because it was uneventful, other than my kids making way too much noise and destroying our extended family’s things – typical stuff.

So, I was going to tell you about the camping trip I took with my parents to Myrtle Beach when I was six. And how an hour into the eight hour drive we realized we forgot the dog and had to turn back and after my seven-month pregnant mom accidentally dropped the dog when putting her in the van (minimal damage) we took off for the beach again. When we unloaded, we found that we had packed two bags full of trash in the back of the van – which wasn’t so surprising since Hefty bags were often our luggage.  Then we slept in the van because my dad pushed up on the bowed in canvas ceiling of the tent which was full of rain one time over the four straight days of a tropical depression (which combined nicely with the 90 degree days) that caused a steady drip to descend upon the tent floor, leaving a lake of water among all our trash-bagged belongings. Because of all that, plus my mom’s very rational fear that we’d be swept away with the ocean’s rising tide as we slumbered, we left early. But if I told you about this, you’d know we’re kind of rednecks.

So, then I thought of sharing about the time Steve planned a camping trip to Door County, Wisconsin for my birthday. But then 9/11 happened four days prior and it became the saddest trip we ever took because I kept breaking out in tears, even at a restaurant once over my bacon and over-easy eggs – not to mention that we brought the blind, diabetic, incontinent dog that required two shots per day with us, which wasn’t exactly my idea of a birthday present – neither was picking up his poop nor having his nails dig into my bare flesh while he rode on my lap for the five hour trip, and come to think of it, the neighbor yelling at me because Steve left the dog off the leash because he wandered into her “yard” was not my idea of an awesome birthday present either. But that trip makes me sound like an unappreciative butt-hole and my husband like kind of a bad planner/present giver because not only did he forget to make reservations for my birthday dinner, but he also forgot the air mattress pump and the colander for the spaghetti. The colander for the spaghetti! So, I won’t tell you about that.

Then I thought of telling you about our trip to Acadia National Park when we camped next to three alcoholic felons that peed on their campfire after they left it unattended for hours, reaching its peak at six feet high, and about how prior to knowing they were felons, Steve loudly shushed them the previous pre-dawn morning because they were talking at a level that was more appropriate for an overcrowded night club playing a Celine Dion techno remix. But I already briefly covered that trip here.

Bora Bora

I could talk about when we went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon and stayed in one of those huts with a plexi-glass floor that stands on stilts over water and how we watched the fish swim by, but that sounds kind of braggy even though it was a once in a lifetime trip and I struggled with guilt for years over the money we shelled out because there are millions of starving people all over the world. So, I won’t tell you about that either.

Or I could tell you about the trip we took to Hawaii when Steve and I were dating and how my sister went with us. Steve and I worked together and we didn’t want anyone in our office to know we were dating (because we’re introverts and don’t like all that attention and crap), but the office was small and so people were going to put two and two together if we didn’t come up with some reason why we were both going. Steve was actually going for work, so I said “I’m going for Spring Break with my sister.”

Then my sister and I got into a big fight and she got it on film and don’t even think I’m going to show something like that because 1) I don’t have it, she does, and 2) although it was funny it makes me look like a big jerk because I pretty much was (and Melissa, don’t you dare put that thing on Youtube). On the fun side my sister and I covered every square inch of Oahu, from swimming with exotic fish, to eating fresh chocolate-covered pineapple on a stick at the pineapple plantation, learning to hula, seeing breeching whales, body surfing (this is where my bathing suit got ripped off that one time), and eating ungodly high-priced Portuguese sausage at the ocean-front McDonald’s. And besides the overpriced sausage, we did the whole trip on the cheap because Steve was being comped for work for his meals/stay and my sister got a major discount because she worked at the Radisson. But I won’t go into depth about that.

So, that leaves me with no trips to talk about. So, let’s talk about your trips. Tell me about one of your vacation memories in the comments…or link-up a vacation post below.

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The Vacations to Myrtle Beach, Hawaii and Bora Bora I Won’t Tell You About — 38 Comments

  1. I loved this even though you didn’t really think you had much or wanted to share, you did great Kate. So happy that it is Friday again. Thanks for doing this with me, because I have been having a blast these past few weeks :)

  2. My brain is mush tonight. I clicked ‘publish’ and I’m sitting here watching no one reading my post and I’m thinking, ‘I know I sort of sucked this week, but seriously?’ Then I see Julie’s link-in tweet and I’m like, duh, I didn’t link up yet! So here I am now. Congratulations on the Liebster! Man that’s a long award to do!

  3. I’m all linked up already but just wanted to share that you’ve had some great adventures! So even if you don’t think you finished the sentence, you made a great post!

  4. I can’t seem to stop myself from pointing out my favorite parts: this time it was traveling with a blind, diabetic, incontinent dog, and “unappreciative butthole.” You are some storyteller, friend! I swear I can hear your “voice” in every post, even though I never have in real life. (You have no idea how hard it was for me not to abbreviate that.)

  5. Reading about all your vacations made me feel like I was on vacation this morning! Thanks Kate…seriously had some daydreams about those huts in Bora Bora, and imagining camping and driving with a dog for five hours on my lap…LOL. Those make for awesome memories. Thanks so much for sharing them! If I can’t go on holiday, at least through posts like these I can pretend I do!

  6. LOL! I enjoyed the tidbits of your trip. They were ALL funny – especially the sleeping in the van one. I saw a link I want to go visit because it sounds hilarious. And I think it was sweet going to Hawaii (kind of secretly). Awww.

  7. Wow, I’ve had no adventures lately. I’m just getting started and thought maybe I’d join this week’s Blog Hop, but I think I’ll wait until next week. My recent “vacations” — of which there have only been a couple — have mostly involved a crying, not sleeping baby, no sleep for anyone, and then it’s all a blur…. Excited to be a part of the conversation next week!

  8. I’m back this morning to read a few more link ups and had to say the Liebster looks great up there, and also, wow – it really is orange. (not that I didn’t believe you. But I thought you might be color blind). I’m also dying to know what the fight with your sis was about – they don’t call me nosy Josie for nothing!

  9. I accidentally left the award up there. LOL! It’s supposed to go under My Awesomeness. It’d bright! I can’t even remember what the fight was over. I’m sure it had to do with me expressing my anal retentiveness on my sister.

  10. Your Bora Bora trip sounds AMAZING! I’d love to do something like that! Most of my trips these days involve my kids and their incessant whining in the van. I got to go to a yoga/wine/food event this summer by myself for 5 days. It’s sort of incredible that I actually came back.

  11. Clearly you learned your vacation-planning skills from your parents. Taking a sick dog anywhere or your sister to Hawaii??? At least you got Bora Bora right. :)

  12. Okay, I fell for it. I went to your other blog about the body surfing / bathing suit story. Perhaps I was expecting pictures. Should’ve known better! lol Bora Bora sounds interesting! I’d have probably had to go reptile hunting there. I understand some of the lizards are tremendous. : ) Great stories … er, great no stories about vacations!

  13. LOL My mom made us sleep in the car on one trip when we were kids–it was about 100 degrees and there was five of us and one dog–we’ve never let her forget it!

  14. Bora Bora! damn major vacational envy ensues… (not that I really travel) and as a side trip coming home from a Business trip, Bora Bora might be a bit of a reach… It is still good to know that people have been to such places (and they do have plexiglass floors). Good FTS

  15. All I can say is the memories seem worth it! Love how you put this whole thing together. I thought about doing this link up but considering the last vacation I had… It would probably end up getting someone mad at me!

  16. Hefty bags full of trash – that is hilarious!! I’m way behind on this linky but I think I might try to put together a post tonight after all. Last week’s entries were awesome!

  17. Thanks for hosting this again! Love it! And LOVE your post! I was laughing my ass off about your redneck vacation, and I totally want your sister to post that video on YouTube. I mean, how can she NOT, now?

  18. Yeah our vacations lately have not been what I would call a vacation. We do more visiting family and trying to keep our kids from destroying their houses. We’re not successful.

  19. LOL! The sick dog was my husband’s planning. I’m a people-pleaser, so I couldn’t say no – I’m working that crap out. Then my sister in HI was a total blessing. My husband had to work four straight days. We had fun, except of the fight.

  20. No way. Nobody would follow me anymore b/c they’d see what a big jerk I was. Unless I added colorful commentary to make fun of myself, but that involves a lot of work. Plus, I think it’s mostly audio b/c if I remember correctly we thought the camera was off and so you get a lot of shots of the car floor with me hissing at my sister. LOL!

  21. hello, small world calling again- Acadia is rather close to where I live now, and my friends from MD vacationed there this summer and came to see us for a couple days on their way home. :-)

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