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What Bloggers Secretly Think About Other Bloggers — 48 Comments

  1. This is EXACTLY why I love you. Your honesty is so refreshing. Tomorrow’s post is going to be my sarcastic slant on SITS. God I hope they don’t find it and boot me out of the club. I know exactly what you mean. I see the cliques on Twitter a bit more than I do other places, but the fake “Oh I love your blog” shit can be hard to take. Hell yes I get jealous. Hell yes. I think that’s why I’ve stayed a bit clostered in our little group- because the blogging world can be a bitch. I keep telling myself, “why don’t bloggers realize that other bloggers are not the competition? It’s TV, books, magazines, facebook, twitter, etc. etc.

  2. Ha ha – love this! I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes I have jealous tendencies… what do they have that I don’t have. I try to keep it at bay and I try not to show it too much. But I think we all feel that. It is only human to strive to be the best…. right? Great post!

  3. Kate, I think as writers/bloggers, we all have these moments and couldn’t agree with you more. I try very hard to rise above it, but man is it hard. Seriously, I have an obsession with looking at my numbers all day long. So believe me when I say you so aren’t alone. Thank you for saying what everyone has thought from one time or another!!

  4. I think you know how i feel about this post…I will tweet it now, later, and tomorrow. You totally nailed it!

  5. Hehehe, every day Kate! It’s terrible and I know I shouldn’t. Then I start to think what I’m doing wrong, and I have been these last few weeks. Been in a slump actually. But yesterday I just thought, “stuff it all”, and decided to just have fun with it like I used to, give it my all, and stop focusing on everyone else’s blogs and who has more followers/fans, etc. It’s exhausting. Love the pics in this!

  6. Kate – Don’t worry too much you are doing awesome. You could be like me…every time you post a status update on Facebook, your like count goes down by 1. I’m like…am I THAT annoying?

  7. Nope, none of those. But I am vicious (in private) when a topic is boring to me or the typos or grammar are so bad I shout at the screen “READ A BOOK FOR CHRISSAKE WILL YOU?”

  8. Mostly I’m just offended when someone has a blog with many spelling and grammatical errors….AND they have more followers than I do. We’re so silly.

  9. LOVE THIS! And yes, i totally get completely jealous. At the same time, I’m really psyched about the really cool bloggers I’ve found. Connecting makes the whole process so much more fun and it’s great to whine about not knowing what to write about every damn day to people who actually understand (as in, not my husband).
    The bloggers who really piss me off are the ones who have shitty pages, bad writing, horrible grammar and stupid boring topics. And they have way more followers than I do. But I love YOU GUYS.

  10. Wow, I’ve never thought of my self as having decent grammar. I’m totally guessing based on the way things sound when writing. I was just studying how to use commas the other day b/c I’m pretty clueless. I wish I were better at it, but it takes time to learn.

    I like that other bloggers “get me” b/c most RL people don’t understand the blogging disease. LOL!

  11. They usually make me feel better about my site b/c I suck at grammar – at least as far as understanding it. I still don’t know when to use a semi-colon. I’ve read how to do it, but I’m afraid I’ll use it wrong, so I mostly just make it into two sentences.

  12. True that RL people don’t get it. My husband keeps asking me how I can make money on it. Um. And yeah, regarding the grammar? Just troll some random blogs you’ve never been to before. Most of them are pretty sucky.

  13. Sad but true. I often get sad when I think about how much my blog has changed over the years. I’m not as involved in the blog world, and though I tell myself I don’t care who comments, follows, shares, reads my blog… I really really do.

  14. Influenza in the house gets one behind on blog reading. HA HA this is great! I don’t get jealous… much… Seriously though I sometimes wonder what the secret is and how some bloggers figured it out! ;-)

  15. Perhaps it might be best for this novice at blogging to stop before it changes me! Naw! To me, I look at others and wish them well… then try to see why they are doing well! If one can take the success of others and build on it, then they too will have success. Jealousy never achieved success, just efforts. Great Job! (and funny)

  16. Sadly, guilty of some of these. Maybe all of these. That’s when I know I need more prayer/positive influence/personal pep talks (“Who cares what he/she’s doing? Focus on becoming your best!”, etc.).

  17. BWAHAHAHA!! Love you – really. I don’t begrudge others their success if I understand it. I feel confused and annoyed by blogs that have a ton of followers and what I perceive as very mediocre content. But then I don’t generally continue reading blogs like that, so the annoyance is temporary.

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