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So, I took that blogging break over Thanksgiving…you know that week I didn’t blog at all? You liked that, didn’t you? Anyway, it showed me something…it showed me that I’m neglecting my kids. I kind of knew that, but it became more obvious during that week. So what that means is that I’m going to be cutting back on my blogging. I’ll be doing three posts per week rather than my typical four to five. Don’t you be sayin’, “Thank God!” I can hear you.


So I’m moving my weekend “Stick a Cork In It” to Mondays and calling the series “My Week in Tweets,” because I’m a narcissist and want you to see all my tweets because I think they’re funny. I’ll keep this up until you guys get sick of it. I understand that could be in two weeks, so we’ll just play it by ear. CRAP Around the Interwebs will only be one or two times per month. I find a lot of ridiculous crap on Pinterest that I never share here, so if you really want to see some other ridiculous crap, follow me there.


I also just heard that Facebook is going to start charging Fan Page owners to share anything with their Fan Page followers. And you know I’m a cheap fart, so you can forget that. You can follow my personal Facebook page (I added a follow button in the right sidebar over there – you can click that too) and I’ll start posting there instead (I’ll post updates in both places until Facebook starts charging). I’m going to annoy the crap out of my family and friends who could care less about my blog. I hope they don’t unfriend me. Or unfamily me.

Before I tell you about my week in tweets, I want to tell you I was interviewed over at Author Nadine Christian’s site. She told me she thought I was “blimmin’ interesting,” which is hysterical because she is the interesting one – living on Pitcairn Island, population 70, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Really, I should be interviewing here…hmm, an idea forming. Anyway, you can read the interview HERE.

So now I’m going to tell you, in tweets, what I did over the past few weeks. Pretend like you care.

We took a little trip to the western suburbs of Chicago before Thanksgiving and stayed in a hotel for three nights.

We’re at a hotel and my 4yo pointed to the phone and said, “What is this, mama?”
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) November 23, 2013

We took the train into Chicago to go to the aquarium. The younger two kids whined a lot about the five miles we walked. Our nine-year-old was quite the trooper. I was really impressed.

Top of the Sears tower is missing. Willis tower, whatever.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) November 25, 2013

We made an obligatory downtown stop at Starbucks.

Nothing will take all my pain away, but this tall decaf extra hot skinny non-fat no-whip peppermint mocha with double cup sure helps.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) November 25, 2013

As well as at an ethical-eating burger joint.

I’m pretty sure the fact that this cheeseburger I just ate was ethically-raised means I’m exempt from heart disease.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) November 26, 2013

My sister and her family came over for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Best part of Thanksgiving!
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) November 28, 2013

My Jim Bob Duggar Just Ain’t My Thang post was on The American Jesus. He has way more fans than me, so it got a lot of eyes on it. I really like that post, so I was happy to see that.

I did a little Black Friday shopping…

I don’t care what you guys say, my four hours of Black Friday shopping saved me at least $7.50.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) November 30, 2013

On Sunday, I was hungry…

I’m really hungry. Probably not hungry like the wolf, but I’m still pretty hungry.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 1, 2013

On Monday, I posted the Top 10 Funniest Tweets for November 2013 - very funny stuff!

In the evening I went to Barnes & Noble for some quiet time. I accidentally let one squeak out.

The problem with using earbuds in public is you never know if that fart was audible or not.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 3, 2013

On Tuesday, I shared about The HerStories Project in I’M IN A FREAKING BOOK! which you can still get a copy of for your best friend for Christmas, right over here in my left sidebar. Just click it. Go ahead. Do it!

On Wednesday, I went to get the oil changed in my car at Sears. See? This is why Nadine wanted to interview me.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and feel like wasting your day away just go to Sears Automotive. They’ll help you with that.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 4, 2013

I stood at the counter for 20 minutes with my three kids and four different people came by and either ignored me or said, “someone will be with you in a second.” I got mad when they finally told me it would be a two to three hour wait. So I left. And I tweeted.

We also got the new Yellow Pages on Wednesday. Pretty exciting.

The Yellow Pages would save us both some time if they just recycled the book for me.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 5, 2013

On Thursday, I focused on the important things in life.

My ability to prioritize can be summed up by the fact that I’m watching clips of Hee Haw on Youtube right now.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 6, 2013

For Finish the Sentence Friday I Pooped My Sheet! where I shared the story of how I crapped on my naptime cot in preschool. And all the kids saw it.
I tried out Stevia for the first time.

When drinking coffee, I like to use Stevia because it saves me the time of having to rub the inside of my mouth with the sole of my shoe.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 6, 2013

I won’t be buying it again.

I made an observation about my chocolate consumption.

Eating this chocolate would be a lot easier if I just put it in a feedbag around my neck.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 7, 2013

And I shared my 10,000th tweet on Twitter!

After all this fretting, Ima just do it. This is my 10,000th tweet! To all of you that follow me: YOU ROCK! I love you guys! Now go RT me.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 7, 2013

On Saturday, I got really overwhelmed by everything revolving around Christmas: gift-buying, cards going out, etc., and figured out the best way to deal with it.

I find the best way to deal with being overwhelmed by too many things to do is to just stop and take a nap. Then wake up and eat chocolate.
— AnotherBottleofWhine (@KateWhineHall) December 7, 2013

It was my middle son’s eighth birthday today. We went to a seafood restaurant – his pick. Then we got three inches of snow that he got to help shovel and we played about 40 games of Mario-Kart.

And that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll be sharing some Christmas Crap Around the Interwebs this week and we’ll be talking about our plans for Christmas OR Christmas traditions on Finish the Sentence Friday. That is all.

I can’t believe I’m going to do this every week. I might lose all my followers.

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My Week in Tweets — 38 Comments

  1. I am not saying, “thank God!” I am sad that you are cutting down!
    I still call it Sears Tower!
    You are allowed to be hungry, just not hungry hungry hippos! Speaking of Hungry Hungry Hippos… The best game of Hungry Hungry Hippos I ever saw was when I tossed some M&Ms into a weight watchers meeting! (I know… that was mean!)
    I always assume my farts are audible… at least I hope they are!
    Happy Birthday from someone with a mental age of 8 to someone with a physical age of 8!

  2. Canadian Tire is the Canadian (what? really?) version of Sears Automotive I suspect. Last Christmas I spent a delightful 4 hours there while they equipped my car with new brakes and tires. It was so pleasurable – I only zipped in for winter tires! Imagine my delight. Not only did I get to spend hours in the frigid waiting room reading “Brakes Weekly” but I got to spend the bick bucks at Christmas time. Heaven.
    On another note – good on you for retooling the blogging schedule. I shall follow it with delight.

  3. You’re making me even re-think the three I’m doing. Hmm. I do find that my older stuff is getting viewed more now. It’s like once you have a base of posts it seems one can slow down a little. I hope that’s the case.

  4. OMG you should SO tweet that Hungry Hungry Hippos line! I reckon your re-tweet count might even outweigh (see what I did there?) your pissed-off-fat-lady count…

  5. I used it on facebook and got called a “douche” and blocked by one chick! I may have tweeted it when i first came up with it too. My problem is I dont have many followers so in order to be seen I need people with lots of followers to retweet me.

  6. I know what you mean. I feel like I’m running out of stuff to say too. I feel like I’m running out of tweets. I think of something and I’m like – gee, I already tweeted that or, I’ve tweeted about chocolate bars so many times I’m sure people are sick of it.

  7. Repetitive Strain Injury. You sprained yourself from Tweeting too much, didn’t you? Thought that was what transpired when they found it wasn’t Carpal Tunnel thingy…?

  8. It’s hilarious! But it’s one of those that I would say, “I totally want to RT it, but I’m afraid it would be too offensive,” so I would just star it and wish I could RT it. I tweeted one yesterday about a Lexus stuck in a ditch and I was laughing. I deleted it this morning bc it sounded it mean and changed it around. It was better the second time.

  9. Aw nuts, I missed that one! Meanness is funny as long as it’s very very obviously Being Mean To Be Funny On Purpose, rather than something which might come across as Properly Mean. I can understand not wanting to go there,

  10. There is a health food store in LZ that carries it. I don’t know the name of the store, though. My girlfriend let me try hers in my coffee. It was yum!

  11. Good for you putting your family first. BEFORE Child and Family Services steps in ;) Your tweets are better than 99.9% of what’s on TV.

  12. You know what? When I cut back from 5 to 2-3 posts a week, not only did I become more sane, but my marriage improved and I actually gained more readers. It’s hard at first, the wondering if people are forgetting you, but once you get used to it you’ll wonder why you ever did more…

  13. I know, Kate. It is a very charged line! Sadly there are too many that take everything too seriously and would think I actually did that! like the wonderful example of the chick that douchified me!

  14. I liked the first one… I do think those commercials are stupid… I mean really who the frig buys a 60,000 car as a christmas gife besides rich bas****s? And do you really need to advertise for that when your obnoxious debutants let you know they will hate you if you don’t get them the powder blue one instead of the pink one?

  15. To quote george carlin… It is all about the exaggeration! To what degree do you exaggerate? I mean really is my fat ass gunna waste M&Ms… hell no! LOL Funny thing was the heavier women loved it and the one that blocked me was in good shape!

  16. Took all of 30 seconds for someone to say it was insensitive! :::SIGH::: People just can’t handle a joke… its friggin twitter not sensitivity training!

  17. Duuuuuuuuuuude! People suck. That’s pure golden genius and WOW! People who take things too seriously should NOT be on Twitter!

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